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Dear lady

I am really sorry for all I put you through, I am sorry for toying with your emotions. I apologize for kidding with your soul. Please listen to me, I owe you some explanation, I have something to say.

I broke up with my girlfriend and my heart was left in a vacuum. I laid in bed reminiscing all the good and sour moments of my ended relationship. I was lonely and broken then a thought came across my heart, I recollected I had an eyes on you. I picked up my phone and dialed your phone line, my heart skipped and I shrouded in unknown fears but I borrowed some composure. Luckily you picked up the phone, we exchanged pleasantries and had some chit-chat, then it got to the point where I had to express my feelings for you. I lied, I said I would love you : I lied that I would care but deep down my heart I knew it was lust, I was only trying to kill boredom, I knew I was fake.

I hope your heart can forgive me, I wish your soul could forget because in the little moment of my deceit you gave me all of you. You asked me some salient questions during our first encounter, you asked if I would overlook your shortcomings, you asked if I would overlook and love you in the midst of your flaws. I pretend to heed to all your demands, I gave a positive response to all you asked but deep down I only wanted to satisfy my flesh. I was scared of being lonely once again.

Having won over your heart, captured your dreams and attention. I picked up my phone like I first did, made up some lies and gave you some grave fabricated reasons why we can't be together. During the conversation you went silent, during the conversation you kept mute while I poured out my lies from the depth of my throat. You kept being positive, you said you wanted me despite the excuses I gave. I sensed desperation in you, so I insisted we ain't the best for each other. You took an action which really melted my heart, you prayed for me and wished me well in my future adventures. I dropped the phone and got enveloped with guilt, I saw myself as a swindler, I started seeing myself as a rogue. I had bitten more than I could chew and my conscience isn't letting me sleep.

You dialed my phone line series of times after our last encounter but my hands could not just pick up the phone. I am sorry for all i put you through, I am sorry my promises were vague. Just find a place in your heart to forgive me. I see myself as a baby in the city of love, I toyed with a rare jewel. I pray and wish you to get a lover very soon who will love you wholeheartedly and with utmost sincerity, not a swindler of a man and a heartbreaker like me.

Not sincerely yours


This is merely fictional but embedded with some real life situations. We live to learn and must love to learn.

I can do all things through He who strengtheneth me. I am Sir.skillful.