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The more I look
The less I see
I actually wanted to be good
Be dependant and be free

But the past heartquake I had
Has paralyzed my soul
And make my soul whole

You came in form of a teacher
But left like a cheater
I respected you a lot
I gave you more than enough
But you led me on
And stab me behind my back

I wish I could revenge
But I'm weary to face your challenge
You've dropped a big hole
In my paralyzed soul

I never knew you meant never
When you said forever

I cry and wail all day
Because of the pain
You left in me
Now my soul is not free
Is not free from the pain
You infected upon me

What can I do to you
Obviously nothing!
You left me, claiming you've found a better solace
And a comforting place
But one thing I'll tell you is
"He who laughs last laughs best".

Poem by @sirpee6.