2018, the unforgettable experience!

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Hello you beautiful community! I found out that communities give inspiration so I started digging to see what community I can post my works on, and ocd!! Well, I guess it fits!

So, what I want to share with you this post is my life before covid.
2018 was a year in which I knew about the steem blockchain, I met people here and exchanged thoughts! I wanted to do something creative here, something cool, so, I started taking photos! The photos I took at the beginning weren't something that you would like honestly hahaha, so, I took a decision to travel outside my city looking for good shots! And there where my journey began!

One other obstacle that I found is the camera, I had no camera, only my Samsung S4!!

It had a decent lens and I was happy with the results back then!
Anyways, let's see some of those shots!

  • Location: Tangier / Morocco

This one is at a port, then little kitties were having a nap after a fish meal!IMG_20180725_193412461-01.jpeg
  • Location: Rabat/ Morocco

On my way back from the beach I saw this shiny combination of colors, didn't know what it was until I reached it, the sun was directly shining on this wall, so I had to wait for some cloud to gather above the location!IMG_20180317_022153_649.jpg
  • Location: Tangier / Morocco

I was having a nice day with friends in this beautiful city, and when the sun was about to go down, I saw something in the sky, pulled up my phone and... Bingo!!IMG_20180717_204349406-01.jpeg
  • Location: Tangier / Morocco

My trip to Tangier wasn't just for fun, I went there looking for a job, but hunted lots of photos! This one caught my attention attention, because it looks like a mountain of houses surrounded by green field.IMG_20180712_103012-01.jpeg
  • Location: Unknown / Morocco

On my way home on the train I saw this beautiful view and couldn't believe I can take a clean shot behind the glass! Instead, I took a video! And after that a screenshot!Screenshot_20180930-192016-01.jpeg
  • Location: Rabat / Morocco

Another bluesh spot in the great city Rabat, I took thousands of pictures in this spot and yet I can't delete any of them!IMG_20180301_165438-02.jpeg
  • Location: Sidi Slimane / Morocco

Here where I actually live[city], it very few spots but I tried to bring the best of it! I call this place the old house, I feel like there was a happy family living there!IMG_20180125_155944-01.jpeg
  • Location: Taza / Morocco

I'm originally from Taza, but it far from where I live so I can't be there all the time, the city is very rich of beautiful spots, Historical, natural and even dangerous places!IMG_20200209_082726-01.jpegIMG_20200209_085846-01.jpeg

I do believe that the equipments are very important to give better results, but even though, you have to deal with what you have!

  • Location: Ifran / Morocco

Another famous city of Morocco, if you have visited Morocco you must have had been there! Unfortunately I lost my sd card containing thousands of images of this gorgeous city!20180120_101549-01.jpeg

You take very nice pictures.