It's Time To Push Harder

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Hive is barely 2 months old and we have seen enough in such a short period of time. Before we split from steem, I talked to a friend who has been on steem/hive since mid-2016 and we had a discussion about the price of Hive. I remember, I told my friend that I would be more than happy if the initial price of the Hive is about 20 cents. Although, I was right about the initial price my friend said that the price could even go to $1. I thought for a while and told him that right now, I don't see that coming but I was wrong as Hive touched $1 within a month of its launch.

I was pretty happy with the price if 20 cents to be honest but once that whale started selling his/her Hive, the price plunged to 8 and a half cents per coin. It really made me feel scary as a single entity was responsible for such a dump and had there been a few more, the situation would have been much worse. But then we rose from the ashes as once the trading competition on Huobi was announced, the price of Hive went skyrocketing. AMA with Huobi worked as fuel and I learned that no matter how good your product is if you don't market it enough you might not see it fulfilling its true potential.

A few community leaders such as @therealwolf, @theycallmedan, and others have been promoting Hive on their Twitter almost daily. These are the two guys who have tweeted the most about Hive and have been very active on Twitter(Apologies if I missed any). They have plenty of followers and obviously when a person with such influence tweets about something, more audience is reached in my opinion. Of course, there are other community members as well who are spreading the word about Hive and they are not to be forgotten either. The fact that we were able to gain the attention of Twitterati was because all the community was involved in promoting it.


We have shown the world what a community can do in the past and we have the potential to show it again, only this time we need to "push harder to promote Hive". I say this because there is a strong possibility that after Bitcoin halving, the price of Bitcoin will gradually start to rise. It may take a few months but the price will rise eventually and most of us know that Bitcoin bull run is followed by alt season. The people usually take profits out of Bitcoin and fill their alt bags afterward and that's when altcoins start to pump. We need to make sure that we are among those coins which the investors will be looking at after they take their profits from Bitcoin. And that's where marketing will come into play.

We have done a great job with our Twitter campaign and it has worked for us like a charm. We know the power of Twitter and how it has helped many blockchains to rise from the ground. Although it pains to use a centralized social media to promote the decentralized one we have to make use of it for our own good. So, perhaps it is the right time to push a little harder and tweet more and more about Hive. What this does is that more people will learn about our chain and with proper tagging of the posts, our promoting will reach the targeted masses which in turn will get us, new investors. It may take a few months but if we want Hive among the coins with maximum price spike in the next bull run, we got to do it now.

We have a few people here with thousands of followers and most of them are already doing their part. While @therealwolf and @theycallmedan are the most active ones, a few others like @innerhive, @themarkymark, @acidyo, @ausbitbank have done their part as well. These people have followers and hence the capability to reach more audiences. I have been guilty of not doing much when it comes to promoting Hive on Twitter or any other social media but from now on, I will try to be more active on Twitter and spread the word about Hive and hope that one day Hive becomes a preferred blogging platform across the globe. But only a few people can not do it, it has to be a community effort and I hope all of you will join me in making hive thrive.

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Yea, we all have to spread the news of Hive to the world.