What Does Hive Mean To Me?

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I would like to thank @theycallmedan for giving me an opportunity to speak my mind.

What is HIVE to you?

A Few days ago, Hive was just another word of English language for me but now, Hive is my new home.

To be honest, I had no problems with steemit. I was very happy when Justin bought Steemit INC. just because I thought that we have a better leader now and that he will bring more users and value to our native coin, them. But when he decided to take control of the whole chain, I was worried. I thought that now steem is doomed to failure and my work of almost 3 years will just go down the hill. We fought a great battle but sometimes you just have to give up for the greater good.

When @blocktrades announced that we will be migrating to a new chain, I thought that this is the end of my journey here. I thought that this fork will just divide the community which will eventually destroy both the chains. I never wanted this fork to happen but somehow I convinced myself to just go with the flow and see what happens. I was of the opinion that hive will struggle to get an identity and the price of the coin won't be any higher than half a cent.

The fork happened and within a day we came to know about the price and it was over 20 cents. However, the price of the coin wasn't the reason for my joy, it was the fact that plenty of users had migrated to Hive and the feed was flooded with posts and it never stopped. The majority of the developers on steem had also switched to Hive as well which made me more optimistic about the future of hive blockchain. It was the time when I learned that " a great community makes a great crypto project".

That's when I knew that I have found my new home on Hive
So, yes, Hive is my new home on the blockchain.

What do you want to see HIVE evolve into?

Steemit had five developers after firing 70% of the staff as far as I know. You know that all the development on steem rested on the shoulders of those five developers but it's totally different here on hive. Hive is not controlled by any entity and we have plenty of developers here on Hive who are willingly contributing to make the chain a huge success. Hive is a community-driven project and we can achieve what we couldn't achieve on Steemit. There was a time when steemit was among the top thousand websites in the world and yet only a few people knew about it. Hive has even more potential than steemit because of the fact that it is completely decentralized with no censorship.

I want Hive to be a household name in every part of the world. I want to see every college student, an employee, a businessman and the old folk to blog or do whatever they like on Hive blockchain. We may have over 1 million users on the blockchain but the real number is very less and the active users are even lesser.

I also want more and more dapps to be built on Hive which is very necessary for a platform like Hive to succeed. Many dapps have already migrated from Steem to Hive but there is still a lot of scopes when it comes to building a dapp on Hive blockchain. I understand that it may take some time for the developers to know about Hive but this is where some marketing will be required to let them know that we welcome the developers and entrepreneurs with open arms.

What do you think about having a large funded DAO for future HIVE development?

I remember, I asked a question on Hive discord that "How will dapps generate revenue if they don't get any hive-power delegations?"
I got a reply from one of the developers that " if dapps can't figure out how to generate revenue without delegations, they shouldn't build on Hive"

Back then, I wasn't aware of such a large funded DAO account. We have over 83 million Hive in DAO account and some of that could well be powered up and delegated to the dapps running on Hive. While the sole purpose of DAO is to fund the projects, I feel that such a large amount wasn't required at all. It is what it is and I just want that stake to be used in an efficient way. There are chances of misuse but I will count on the operators to make the best possible use of that stake in making our blockchain better.

What does HIVE mean to you?

For me, Hive is freedom, opportunity, rebirth, and a world of decentralization. I don't deny the fact that freedom and opportunity were present on Steem blockchain but since the arrival of Justin Sun, that was taken away. Many posts were censored and some are still being censored. This is the place where I will be creating content until the end of either Hive or me.

  • I came to Hive so that people can hear me too.
  • I came to Hive so that I do not miss out on the opportunity we have here.
  • I came to Hive for decentralization.
  • I took a rebirth.

In the end, I want to thank all the people involved in creating my new home out of thin air. You guys have done an excellent job and I hope, together we will reach the moon and beyond.


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