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People here on HIVE are as busy as a bee. Everyone is pretty much-doing challenges, contests, building communities, helping others, curating, engaging. All those good stuff. I myself have participated in quite a number of such activities and surprisingly even won a few of the contests. 😄

I stumbled upon this challenge called "30 Days Blogging Challenge" by @tegoshei where a person basically has 30 topics to write about in 30 days. I have been slacking off a little on HIVE due to busy schedules, so I thought this challenge would be perfect to force me to find some time to write a nice little post as well as read what others have written on it as well.
Hope you don't mind me joining the party. 😉


This question has been asked to me quite a number of times since I came here. Frankly, it feels like I'm repeating myself, but a challenge is a challenge.

There are basically 3 reasons for the username the100

  • Anonymity
  • Short and easy to remember
  • My Favourite TV Show

When I was signing up for HIVE a few months ago, I faced a dilemma on whether go with my real name and share everything about my life or remain a bit mysterious and be anonymous using a
pseudonym. I weighed in the pros and cons of both cases and went in with the latter. I already use all the major social media with my real name, so I decided to mix things a little. Besides, I'm usually a bit reserved person (Introvert 🙄), so I thought it might help me open up a little, which it did.

I wanted a short username that really stands out in the crowd and that is easy to remember. In my head, I was thinking that it might help me get noticed and make some friends.

I'm quite fond of the TV series. I watch them whenever I have some free time. Among all the genres I like science fiction that involve space, time travel, civilizations, superpowers all those stuff.

This is where the TV series The 100 comes in. I really like the show, in fact, I'm quite obsessed with it that I already watched it 3 times now and I'm reading the books as well. I feel quite connected with the characters especially with a guy named Monty (the chibi version is set as my display pic). He is smart, kind, and loyal just like myself 😄.

That's really all the reason behind my username, nothing fancy. ;)

This is Monty as well which I drew when I came in.

Day 1: Your Blog's Name/Username. ✔️

If you want to join the fun, be sure to check the following post


I remember reading your introduction post about your username and that you love that TV series! It was good timing for you as that was the topic in the top 3 contest at the time!

I guess I'm not too worried about anonymity, I don't share too much personal stuff but enough to make people aware I am a real person, which is important in music! The occasional selfie but that's as far as I go, guess it keeps me 'honest'!

Yes sure, as a musician it's important for you to put yourself in front of everyone. You're building a brand that is and will be recognized in other platforms as well.

I do not have such goals or skills for that matter 😄. All I know is HIVE has given me joy that no other social platforms and helped me connect with other people without revealing anything.

Yeah Hive has been a real eye opener for what's possible for me, it's by far outperformed any other network or social media site I've been on. I find it very rewarding to be here and fits perfectly in to my blogging nature.

Kinda wish things were a little bit simpler - I do seem to have my fingers in quite a lot of pies now! Something may have to give at some point!

I think I seen you from someone reblogging a recent post but as soon as I seen the name I flipped through your profile to see if the @the100 was a reference to the show. I was very excited to see you're a fan as well! I'm not looking forward to the close out of the show but am hopeful CW picks up the prequel that Jason put out. How do you feel about the set up for this finale?

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I'm a huge fan of the show and the book. I was hooked from the very first episode where they were sending the prisoners back to the Earth. What a character development we have from that point.

The finale is all over the place. It feels a bit confusing and rushed. I loved the episode "Anaconda" where we got to see a peek into the history and about Becca Franco. The latest episode was also thrilling where we see Octavia and others preparing to fight the "Aliens"? Also, Sheidheda finally revealing his identity was awesome.

My concern is, Do we have enough episodes left to cover all the stories? The current season should have focussed more on Russel and SHeiheda problem, and the next season could have focussed more on the wormhole and fighting the Aliens.
I don't know maybe as a fan I'm just asking for more seasons. 😄
I'd like to hear your opinions.

I thought this was the last season with this upcoming being the finale? I hope I'm off on that but that's how I've been mentally preparing. I could handle this season being the final but only not looking forward to just one more episode.

If that is the case I'm definitely with you on closing the storylines. I don't see how we can get good answers for everyone in a finale, even if it were a two hour finale.

I'm kind of expecting the final battle may be between Sheiheda/AI versus mankind/disciples in a judgement day that Becca seen. If there's some other kind of alien it's going to be impossible to explain them plus close storylines. I suspect the episode starts with Sheiheda taking control. He either demands allegiance or kills everyone off. I very sadly expect that we watch Murphy die early in the final much to my sadness. Somehow Maddie will escape though. I feel like she'll play a key role somehow maybe by connecting with Hope in Penance. I think Clark will be the one needed to kill Sheiheda but not before nearly everyone else is killed thus Becca's vision of destruction. I hope that's not what happens but it's the vibe I'm getting to close so many things out quickly just end their lives and solve giving a deeper closing.

The Anaconda prequel looked awesome! I hope it gets picked up. It would be great hearing how the tribes were set up. I doubt you'll see me here but please CW!

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I'm very excited to see Sheiheda taking control of Woncru and yes we'll probably see few of the beloved characters die. My guess is Murphy, Emori, Raven, and Echo. We haven't seen Clarke much in this season so she'll probably have some major roles.
When everything is said and done, I suspect, in the final episode everyone goes back to the planet Earth and maybe Bellamy will be waiting there? 😄

No idea how I came to the conclusion that next week was the final episode. It looks like there's seven more according to Rothenberg.

Maybe I'll get all the answers I've been dying for now!

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Smart, kind, loyal... I think you forgot humble 😂😂😂

Humility went right out of the window as soon as I mentioned those. Maybe I should add it anyway? 😄

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I'm glad you joined the challenge. I love the 100, but I haven't watched since Season 2. Maybe I'll watch it again.

Yeah, I really needed something to make me consistent. This challenge might help me with that. I hope I don't miss a day 😄. Also, thank you for the tips. Appreciated.

 4 years ago  

You're welcome. Just a small token though. But it's much bigger than my upvote. 😂

I don't mind you joining at all... In fact, it's nice to see more people doing this. ^^ Enjoy the challenge! :)

Thank you so much :).You've come up with a really cool challenge.

You're welcome... :) I'm really glad people are appreciative of it and are actively taking up the challenge. :) Let's all enjoy! ^^

I am enjoying both participating and reading the blogs in this challenge. It's nice to read how people decided on their usernames as we are constantly having to choose handles for our various media usage. Nice post. Look forward to day 2 from you

Yeah, these challenges really help to connect with other people. I followed you and will be reading your posts as well. I'm writing the Day2 post right now. 😄

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Every time I see your username, I'm instantly reminded of this neat TV show that I've not yet gotten around to watching. I wonder if 7 seasons is beyond my mortal ability to binge watch, since that's been my unhealthy habit of consuming TV shows 😅. I have been on an anime binge recently, so maybe a bit of reality to mix in with that, eh?

I wonder if the network will sue me or thank me. I mean I did use their series name and at the same time spreading words about their series 😄 .
Binge watching is my one of my unhealthy habits too. I have no self control when watching good TV series and Anime. On that note, which one are you watching ?

Lol, they should be thankful! I would've never heard of The 100 had I not known you 😄. Currently, I've stopped my binge-watching and had gone to more productive things in life... working. Blargh! I did watch a couple of anime movies recently, and they're pretty good. I'm thinking of doing a (hopefully) spoiler-free review of sorts here - The Princess and The Pilot, and The Sky Crawlers.

I haven't binge-watched as well for quite some time now due to the amount of work that has been stacking as a result of my procrastination. I didn't even have time to spend on HIVE yesterday. I can't wait to go on a trip to a peaceful place. After the pandemic of course.
I'll be waiting for those reviews just to understand what kind of anime you're into. 😄

Aye, time is quite the constraint nowadays to make up for lost productivity during the pandemic. It's certainly a challenge, but those moments of peace are certainly something to enjoy. I've got some posts stacked up for a while now, so that review is going to come in a bit late, I think 😬.

I'm more into a calmer, simple, more story-based anime, as those two are an example. They're pretty great if you've got 2 hours to spend 🙃