Hive Inspired Gold Rims - Autocad 3D-Modelling

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Screenshot 198.png

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Hello Hivers!

I'm excited to share this new 3D design I made using Autocad - a Hive inspired gold rims. As you can see, it doesn't have that sophisticated look like the usual rims you see on super cars. That's why I added a hive logo as at the center of the rim just to make it more unique and more hive related. :D It doesn't have the whole parts of the rim like the valve, the lug holes or even the bore inside, just the significant parts that you can commonly see.

Anyway, lets head over to the process.


I first outlined the top view of the rim. The figure below indicates the thickness of the cylindrical body or the barrel of the rim and the horizontal line serves as the radius. Don't forget to apply join tool to those interconnected lines.
Screenshot 179.png

I created another line on the opposite edge of the horizontal line. That line will be your axis of revolution when you apply revolve tool to the figure.
Screenshot 181.png

I came up with the figure shown below. This is the barrel of the rim.
Screenshot 182.png

Now in creating the center disc of the rim, you can choose whatever design you like for your center disc as long as it shows a reasonable figure that supports rotational force of the barrel. For this one, I created a hexagon design flanges that is equally separated at the center of the rim.
Screenshot 185.png

And another, for the hive logo at the center most.
Screenshot 186.png

Filleted some edges of the disc and joined them together to create an enclosed plane.
Screenshot 187.png

On this part, I created an arc line that will determine the curvature of your central disc and of the hive logo. Usually, central discs of rims are in convex form.
Screenshot 188.png

To continue, I created another arc line and positioned it at the middle point of the other to form an intersecting crossed line as show below. I then applied sweep tool in any of the two and chose its sweep path.
Screenshot 189.png

I came up with the figure below. I applied thicken tool then placed it at the center of the central disc figure.
Screenshot 190.png

I applied extrusion tool to the disc(make it higher than the thicken convex plane) and together, applied intersection to both.
Screenshot 191.png

I then have this convex figure of the center disc. I placed it properly to the barrel of the rim.
Screenshot 192.pngScreenshot 193.png

Next. Same with the center disc, I have to make a convex shape hive logo as the center cap. So I created another convex thicken plane and apply the same tools I used for the center disc to the hive logo.
Screenshot 194.png

I created another four of these convex plane. Then one by one, I applied intersection tool to each hive logo figures to each convex plane.
Screenshot 195.png
I came up with the figure below. A solid hive logo in convex form. I placed it at the center most of the rim and adjust some of its edges by filleting. And lasty, I applied the gold metallic material.
Screenshot 196.png

Screenshot 197.png

So that's it. This is the Hive-inspired Gold Rim.


gif from gfycat

Stay tuned for more 3D Designs.

"best of time"