🌵🌷🌵 Album Release - Track 03 - You An Me (Live At Mouse Mountain)

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This is the first song I finished on my Cole Clarke Fat Lady guitar. I was borrowing it from a friend at the time and ended up buying it off him. Sadly he tragically passed away a few months later. The guitar means the world to me.

This song is about finding that special person who keeps you grounded, lets you into their world - shares your world and makes your life better.

That said, there's often challenges along the way and it's how you meet those challenges that determines the strength of any relationship.


You know some days just never felt quite right
But when you came in to my life
A calming breeze blew right through my soul
And there’s no doubting the fact that baby you make me whole

Oh my love, we nearly drowned
But we made it through the darkness and we came back out
We set our fears aside and put the pain to bed
And now I feel your soul touch mine every time you stroke my head

Hold me baby I love you like crazy
Hold me baby I love you like crazy
Hold me baby I love you like crazy
Hold me baby I love

I love you
I need you
I'll be with you forever now


Recorded live at Mouse Mountain Studios
Written and performed by Trevor Petrie
©️ All Rights Reserved


If you enjoyed this track, I'd love to hear your thoughts. It really makes a difference to know that someone has connected to one of my songs.

Thanks for listening!

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