Photography: Our dog Bassie

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Our dog Bassie (a golden retriever) had his birthday last month. He is one year old now. The past year has been awesome with him. He is such a sweet and great dog. Our kids love him (we too of course) and he loves our kids a lot.

He is everything you expect in a dog, loyal, sweet, funny, headstrong, naughty. We had a lot of fun with him in the past year and hope to have it for many years to come.

These photos were taken with the macro lens, at a distance. You get quite a nice effect with it :) Of course that's also because of the fashion model Bassie.

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Camera: Canon EOS350D
Lens: Sigma Macro


He looks nice and peaceful, unlike the jerk dogs from my neighbours. Today they woke me up at 5 am. 🥴

darn, that's early. Bassie is a really peaceful dog.. We love him...

I really want to have a dog!

It's so great to have him around. Brings joy to our lifes

I can imagine :)

Nice shots! He looks much older than the one year that he just turned. Our dog has been having a rough time of it lately. We think she might be dealing with some arthritis or something like that. It looks like it was a beautiful day to get out and play with your dog!

Sorry to hear about your dog, hope it turns out ok. I thought the same, the close ups make it look like if he is already some years older :) It's great sunny weather overhere, Bassie and the family are enjoying the garden a lot !!