Steemit Has Given Up On Censorship To Embrace Ridiculousness and Pettiness

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Looking up an account on a block explorer can reveal a great many things compared to just seeing some stuff happen on the front end. Two days ago I wrote an article titled Steemit is Now Under Chinese Censorship There I mentioned about some potentially ridiculous consequences that a censor happy mindset could end up creating. Today we saw exactly that.

The Power of 29,244,096 STEEM

2 Witnesses - 2 Exchanges - 2 Projects - 2 Bloggers - 1 Resigned Employee

These downvotes express nothing but pettiness and it's not that surprising when you consider the kind of language use in when Justin Sun was reacting to the Soft Fork. Since it's virtually impossible to unbury an article from a 29 million SP downvote, I will simply link all of the articles this multi-million dollar company doesn't like people to see.

Please share this around and let the world see what things are coming to. I honestly believed STEEM blockchain could do very well even after loosing so many developers and community members. We are seeing some seriously childish behavior that goes as far as to downvote announcements from exchanges. How are we going to get more exchange listings and create better networking with the largest stakeholder acting like this??? This is self-sabotage at its finest and I have a feeling that things are just starting out.

Still There Could Be Better Things To Come

After everything crash and burn and if Justin Sun leave or falls from his wealth and influence, we will be left with a token price that has hit the rock bottom. At that point STEEM could be one of the best value investments out there. As always, I prefer to plan for the worst and hope for the best.


They didn't give up on censorship, they've doubled down. The ToS has been changed saying, "you cannot post content promoting 3rd party platforms nor each other without Stincs written permission." Lightly paraphrased