Firmly Purposed || An Original Poetry

in OCD3 years ago


Hey, my name is creation
Brought forth for manifestation
So I could be a solution
To those, who are in damnation

When I knew this, I hated corrections
From the master of instructions
Because I felt I was in a detention
Which could make me face a tribulation

So I started feeling an erosion
When the master of life gave me an examination
After I felt I needed a convocation
He said I needed a matriculation

He gradually became my addiction
After he brought me out of subtraction
He pushed me into addition
Because he knew, he will use me for some multiplications

He then gave me a great mission
Just to go for an expansion
So let everyone around this nation
Keep alive this one notion

I have to put on my determination
So on the day of my renumeration
His weldone to me will not be a suggestion
But it will be a congratulations

Finally, let me stand to boldly mention
To every form of opposite organization
Who like making unwise decisions
That I will not walk in their evil speculations

I hope you deduce the message behind this piece. We have been created for a purpose and it is pertinent that we know our purpose and then live it!