Meet WakyFirst - A New Hiver

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Hello there,


My name is Uwakmfon Akpan and I'm from Nigeria. I was born on April 1st and Currently, I am a student of Political Science and Public Administration in the University. I choose to study political science because, I want to erase the wrong mentality of politics from people, and make them understand politics, to be decision making process which it is. Career wise, I also want to be a flight attendant.

I love singing, writing, traveling, talking to people and playing with kids. I started singing at 3 in the children choir, where I enjoyed stage performance. This made me develop passion, to listening to Nosa, Asa, Jonathan Nelson and Micah Stampley at fifteen. I love good music, with creativity. Music for me is life. I hope to have a musical studio in 5 years time. I need a place, where I would just stay, and sing, without distractions.

I developed love for writing, at 10 .When I read works done by Williams Shakespeare. He was always very real in his writing, and I loved it. I write the way I feel, and this had made me very real.


I also love traveling . I like the feeling of not staying at a place. And I want to be attending to people in flights. I travel to meet people, learn new things, learn about past events, places and culture. This has made me develop interest of being a flight attendant.

About food, I like soup, and I also like pastries. I love fries too. About wears, I like wearing short gowns and flat shoes for comfort and agility. I dislike pride, dishonesty and irresponsibility. Life for me is waking up everyday and achieving my goals for that day.

In summary, Uwakmfon Akpan is different, caring, and real. I want to own my life, and help other people to stand.

I'm excited to be here on Hive. Thanks to @tomlee for inviting and tutoring me about Hive.

I hope I'm welcomed!


Welcome wakyfirst!
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Welcome sister. You have come to an excellent place.

As you're studying political science and public admin, I think it essential that you study The Matrix-8 Solution. Check my feed for posts and links. Questions welcome.

May peace be with you.

Welcome onboard dear!

Hi @wakyfirst,
I want to welcome you to hive. You have come to right place, I'd advice you to look for a community of your niche preferably the inkwell and freewrite community.
Have fun and hive away.