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RE: On Hive Completing 100 Wonderful Days — The Good, The Bad, And No Ugly

in OCDlast month (edited)

Wow, it's been three months already, eh? It's truly breathtaking to see the amount of progress that we've made in such a short time, and all of it done as a collective community, with strong support and passion for each other. The engagement and traction is truly amazing to see.

No doubt, there's certainly room for improvement. I can agree to a lot of your negatives there, and I hope they might get addressed soon. I do support the idea of a marketing fund, just to bring to word out across, as far and wide as possible. The idea of a competition is a neat one, to have fellow Hivers compete and see how creative they can get with spreading the good word on Hive.

Being able to have retention and post discovery, as you say, is also a needed improvement. Exploring new posts could be made easier with improved search functions, and better tagging. Those 2 certainly need work on, and I can draw to Reddit as an example of how to have so many different sub-Reddits - in our case, Communities - but still be able to explore and enjoy from each one, big or small.

Still, in any case Hive's growth so far has been fantastic to see, as a community and an idea. I'm excited to see what's coming in the next 100 days, and then far beyond that :-D

Edit: I went ahead and read that old post on how you made money through blogging, and truly, it's inspirational and well-written. Cheers!