Cultivate queues so that they are tipped

in OCDlast year

good friends Whatever we want to be good must start from ourselves. Likewise, if we want comfort in a public place, then from ourselves we must start a culture of queuing in order to create that comfort. One of the conditions that I have experienced in creating comfort starting from myself is the queue culture.

Through my experience, I believe and believe from my conclusion that this is good and regular I want to start mine when I go to an event or die for tahlilan with my family, and the general public. I visited the thalilan place in my village, lhokseumwe city, aceh Indonesia. I saw the queuing culture had begun to be created from queuing to sit until the end of tahlilan so that I queued to eat. so it is very good for the community to always be always using the queue culture so that everything looks beautiful and neat creating harmony in society, both in villages or in cities and where friends.







It is time for us to have a culture of order, including patience in queuing. Let's be ready to surrender and be patient. Because orderly to queue is a symbol of Muslims who obey the values ​​of rules and order in interacting with humans to get something that each one wants. Queuing culture will create a dignified society, where the discipline of queuing is able to foster an attitude of mutual understanding and respect for each other. Even though it seems trivial, but if we want to pay close attention, in our queuing activities, we see that everyone understands and respects each other. other. with the others.

People who come later understand that those who come first have the right to be up front and consciously respect that right. Goodness that is really useful in humans so that it is also manifested in their daily lives. The level is not only shown by each individual human being by solemnity, but also in a direct relationship with the creator is each individual and only the creator has the right to give an assessment. However, in social life, other people have the right to be able to judge someone's life. Good people should behave well, not the other way around. then obey what we have to guard and respect because every attitude and action we make becomes our own person