Connecting with different personality types!

in OCD2 months ago

Did you find yourself more attached & comfortable to someone who has a similar personality? Do you often ignore people with contrast personality from yours? If the answers are yes, then you should think twice.



Most of us actually do the same. It's okay and totally normal to befriend with people having a similar personality type. It helps understand, connect, and create a better bond. But totally ignoring other personality types creates a 'hole' in our life. You will never know how other persons feel, what they truly desire, and how you can befriend them. You know, life will give you a surprising journey and you will never know who you have to face. So, better not ignore people because of different personality types.

Approach people and start a conversation. I know we may not feel so. We come up with an idea by seeing appearance, lifestyle to whom we should befriend or not. But a person is more than that. They can be really good and help us in many ways until we talk with them. Even it's hard for you, you don't feel comfortable but approach people with different personalities respectfully.

Show respect. Respect can bring love. No matter if you believe in other's lifestyles or belief but there's no place to disrespect them. We often choose to ignore and didn't get the chance to know people. But showing respect will bring everyone to come closer. It can be your boos or your neighbor who got totally different personality than you, you may find it hard to manage with them. But respecting them can solve the issue.

See the world not as it is but how we are. From our personal life to the international level coming close to different personality types is way more essential. After all, it's all about us who are making this world, and ignoring any of us would be our loss.


Totally agree! Another issue with having only people around you that are similar to yourself is that it can create a bubble. They act the same talk the same and think the same. But is it right or is it helpful to have different perspectives? For myself I like to talk to people with contrast views on things or even contrast personalities.
Good post my Friend!👍