How we can stop ourselves from losing the connection in a relationship?

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You are a good friend but don't feel the connection like before. You love your partner but don't feel how you felt before. You lose respect for your boss, you lose heart connection with your family...

There can be many things happen in life. But when we 'lose it' we lose it all!



The truth is, no one's perfect and not anyone bound to live up to our standard. We have to cope to make a relation run smoothly. You can argue for a valid reason, you can fight for your right but you can't change anyone. And when we forced to do that to others or to ourselves, we make the room to 'lose it'.

This one technique can save our relationships and that is 'never lose it'. Never lose the connection, lose the love, lose the feeling, lose the respect no matter how worse your choices clash. Let's see how we can ensure that?

  • Recognize your and other's feelings and desires.

  • Accept other's choices/decisions/feelings.

  • Approve and allow others to respond and go for what they want.

  • Resist yourself from talking toxic, showing hate.

  • Stop defining others, accept them.

  • Respect you and other's choices.

  • Compromise and show compassion.

  • Love!

It's not easy to keep the 'thing' in a relationship. But it's necessary. This one thing actually makes us alive. So, why not try our best to make it happen. I wouldn't say these simple tips will help you sort everything in a relationship. But try to relate it in your life, try to incorporate; you will see these are not actually simple. And gradually if anyone can ensure to allow, approve, acknowledge, resist themselves they can save themselves from ruining their relationships.