Practicing Gratitude during hard times!

in OCD3 months ago

Gratitude matters most when we practice it during our hard times. Because this is the time when we need it most but hard to practice. And if we can do this hard job, it will make us feel a lot better.



It's not easy to make a room for gratitude when we feel angry, anxious, and sad. Our negative energy doesn't let us do so. But overpowering our positive energy and forcing us to practice gratitude during that time is way more beneficial than other times.

Gratitude gives us the chance to focus on seeing 'what we have'. And when you are feeling the pain of rejection, the sorrow of losing someone, the hardship of managing your daily meal; it helps to find out what we are thankful for. We may not feel thankful at all during these times, we may blame ourselves, hurt ourselves but step back and thing. This positive mentality can give anyone the scope to find motivation in life and notice 'blessings' in life.

Intentionally take a moment. Bring your mind in this present moment rather thinking about the upcoming worse future. Unleash the power in yourself to think about what life gives you so far, why you should feel thankful. And obviously don't forget to think about how worse life could've been. Because this always helps us to focus on the good things in life. Feel the positive energy of gratitude and let it flow.

The truth ingratitude is it has nothing to do with our future. You can choose to be very rich but never feel thankful or you can thank your life for every sorrow, bad fortune because they made you what you are now. And I believe the second one is more helpful to bring peace of mind and live a happy life!


Totally agree, it has a powerful effect on me. When I consciously think about being grateful to something I feel huge relief... 😇