LIL: The Last Days of Summer

Autumn is officially here. It is my favorite season, although I find myself sometimes overwhelmed with nostalgia. How can one not reflect on time passing as the earth braces itself for winter? I think the pictures in this post are my homage to summer.

Some of these photos were displayed in another blog, in the Wednesday Walk community. I'm contributing the pictures today to LIL, the LMAC Gallery. Anyone on Hive who wants, can use the images. All the pictures are in the public domain.

Rules for borrowing from and contributing to the LMAC Gallery are described here.

My favorite photo in the group is the dragonfly. It's hard to catch these creatures for more than an instant. This dragonfly was remarkably still.

As I compose my post, the LMAC Collage Contest is in full gear. Check it out. Maybe you will be tempted to exercise your creative muscles and join in.

To all my readers, enjoy your day, every day. And, as always, thank you for reading my blog. Hive on!

Dragonfly Insect, Dragonfly, Pole, Cutout
Mushroom Head Fungus, Mushroom, Cutout
Flower Cutout Flower, Plant, Cutout
Cat on a Chair Cat,Funny, Animal, Pet, Cutout
Funny Dog Dog, Pet, Animal, Funny, Cutout
Cat Cat, Pet, Animal, Cutout
Number on a Rock Rock, Number Nine, Cutout
Carving on a Rock Rock, Carving, Cutout
Rooster, Owl, Pedestal Lawn Ornaments, Rooster, Owl, Pedestal, Decorations, Cutouts
BBQ Sign Sign, BBQ, Barbecue, Cutout
Race Car Car, Transportation, Automobile, Cutout
Teddy Bear on a Bench Teddy Bear, Bench, Ornament, Cutout
Red House Cutout House, Shrubs, Home, Building, Cutout
Stone Column Stone, Pillar, Column, Cutout
Hitching Post Hitching Post, Horse Statue, Ornament, Cutout
Majestic Stone Lion Ornament, Stone Lion, Sculpture, Cutout
Upside Down Canoe Upturned Canoe, Sporting Equipment, Cutout
Dragonfly in a Pond Dragonfly, Lily Pads, Pond, Insect
Shaded Brook Stream, Brook, Rocks
Exotic Plants Plants, Garden
Squirrel Squirrel, Animal, Nature
Water Flowing Over Rocks Stream, Waterfall, Rocks
Bridge and Pond View Pond, Bridge, Plants
Bridge and Pond With Reflection Pond, Plants, Reflection, Plants
Decorative Tree Exotic Tree, Plant
Beach View, With Man Beach, Bay, Man, Kayak
Relaxing by a Pond Man, Pond, Nature, Shadows
Golf Cart Transportation, Golf Cart
Gazebo in Botanical Garden Park, Recreation, Gazebo, Structure

Beautiful grouping of pictures. It is sad to see the summer fly by so quickly.

Thank you, @pokerm. You are a good friend and your kind comments are always appreciated.

Oh yes, i love the Teddy Bear. 😎
Thank you.

Thank you @muelli. That is a chill Teddy. Just hanging out, taking in a little sunshine :)

Awesome photos @agmoore.
I am sure they will be used a lot, as usual.

Oh yes, autumn and nostalgic feelings. I am also busy mourning about the long and bright days slowly but noticeably fading away.
Fortunately, autumn also has its charm with these beautiful colours.


Thank you @quantumg. I love it when my photos meet your standards. Every time I format them I try to follow your instructions.

Autumn does have its charms. It is actually the best walking weather. Wishing you many happy autumn days.🍁

Hello friend, I hope you and your family are doing well, the LIL images provided are excellent, we will have more images for the creation of collages.

Thank you @cetb2008 , we are well. I hope the same is true for you and your lovely family.

Taking pictures is fun. I do hope they are useful.

Take care, my friend.

The cutouts take dedication. Haha 😂
They are lovely ❤️🤗💕

Thank you very much, my friend @itsostylish

Oh these are so beautiful and I love that some of these are transparent files,making png files takes a lot of work but its easier to use for the contest. Kudos 👏

Thank you @leeandah. I hope they are useful.It was fun taking these pictures.


These are very good pictures, your contribution is appreciated

Thank you, @momins, for stopping by and for your kind words.

Wow very beautiful creature thank you for sharing

Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your kind assessment.

Thank you bro

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