LIL: The LMAC Image Library Continues to Grow

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The LMAC Image Library is growing. We are developing a rich, dynamic resource for the LMAC community. From each of us, to all of us--pictures from the past for our future art creations.

If you are reading this blog and are not yet familiar with this latest endeavor of the LMAC community, please read @shaka's blog for a detailed explanation. The LMAC community was created by @shaka. Over the last couple of years he has tweaked the original concept so that, under his leadership, the community has been fueled by the creative efforts of literally hundreds of people.

Today I offer my third set of pictures for the LMAC Image Library. These photos are all from my family album. I own them and give them without restriction.

The Orange Cat picture was taken on the front step of our home. This cat is a so-called feral that lives, most of the time, in a small shelter near the step. The other animals pictured in the blog are family pets. The Baby Shoes picture: these belonged to my husband. His mother wrapped them in plastic more than 70 years ago. The Doll picture: that doll is actually only 3" tall. My granddaughter gave this trinket to me as a trip souvenir.

The last five pictures presented in this blog have been extracted from their backgrounds. This makes the photos easier to use in a collage, or any art application.

I invite everyone in the Hive community to join in our Library-building effort. There are specific formatting requirements (explained here). In September, when our collage contest resumes, you might think about joining in the fun. LMAC is one of the most welcoming communities on Hive.

Mountain View From the Lakeshore Mountain, Lake, Dusk
Dog's Face Dog, Dog's Face
Pond in the Park Pond, Park, Bench
Country Scene Stream, Forest, Waterfall, Rocks
Yellow Flowers Plant, Flowers, Black Eyed Susans
The Seine River Scene, River, Boats, Sky, City
Smoke From a Distant Fire Smoke, Sunset, Fence, Sky
Bird on the Beach Bird, Beach
Orange Cat Cat
Birds and Shadows Birds, Shadows


Walkway, Slate Walkway
Brown Frog Frog
Pink Flowers on a Tree Plant, Flowers, Tree
Keep Off Grass Sign Yard Sign, Keep Off Grass
Plant With Violet Flowers Plant, Violet Flowers
Path Through the Woods Trees, Forest Path, Forest
Red-Flowered Plant Plant, Flowers, Red Flowers
Swan and Geese on a Pond Swan, Geese, Pond
Swimming Sign Beach, Ocean, No Swimming Sign
Park, Pond, Winter Pond, Bare Trees
Geese at the Beach Geese, Beach, Sky
Walkway at Dusk Shrubs, Walkway, Dusk, Suburbs
Street Signs Parking Signs, Street Signs, No Parking Sign, No Stopping Sign
Large Rock Rock, Boulder
Street Lamp Street Scene, Lamp, Shrubs
Cat Reclining Cat
Chair Chair
Dog Sleeping Dog, Dog Sleeping
Baby Shoes Shoes, Baby Shoes
Doll Toy, Doll

Perfect, I'm looking forward to helping myself with your pictures for the next photo collages.
Especially the prohibition signs have done it to me.
Kind regards! 😎

Thank you, my friend @muelli

Especially the prohibition signs 😅

Of course!

Hope you are well and having fun in your sunny patch of Portugal.

Regards from muggy, but sunny, New York🌞

Hello friend, excellent contribution of photographs for the gallery, what beautiful dogs.

Thank you my friend, @cetb2008 . We love our dogs 🌼

I really like these picture compilations. They are fun!

Wow that is a great collection of photos! If those shoes of your husband's could talk, how many tales would they tell us. The third photo looks relaxing, I would spend a day sitting there just looking at the scenery. It's very nice and varied your contribution. Hope you have a beautiful rest of the day! 🤗

Hello my friend @mballesteros,

Thank you for those kind words.

Yes, the shoes. My husband was an only child. I think of the love that went into wrapping the shoes and keeping them all those years. Quite a tribute to motherhood, I think.

Hope you are well and peaceful, while you take more beautiful pictures for our library :)

Regards from New York!

You are the second one with this LMAC thing-ma-jiggy
I am going to have to see what this is all about :p
Just going through your pics, I had all kinds of ideas running through my head
from a frog prince to that three-headed red flower alien :D

Hi @kaerpediem

I am having a blast. I don't think there is another community in which it is possible to have this much fun (for me). I'm not an artist. That's my sister. I'm not a photographer. That's my brother. But here I can express whatever artistic impulse I have. And there are nice people in this community.

a frog prince to that three-headed red flower alien

:)) You'll fit right in

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