A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 42 "Dragon Fire"

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Hi hive lovers .. How are you all, friends from the Lamc community, this is the last time when round42 contest ends, maybe I am the last contestant for round 42, but that is not a problem, because finally I can enter the contest before the closing, okay an @shaka image that I have changed, you can see above, and for the original image of @shaka you can see the following:


Image original @shaka

And a picture from Pixabay is a picture of a golden dragon pad, which I mixed with a picture of @shaka.
Image original from pixabay

I made this picture, into a gif image in a number of ways that you can see, the manufacturing process, it became a gif image.






Wow! Thank you for sharing those steps. I may learn something from that :)

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