[ENG/ESP] LIL-LMAC Contribution To The Library / LIL-LMAC Contribución Para La Biblioteca

LIL-LMAC Contribution To The LibraryLIL-LMAC Contribución Para La Biblioteca

Hello to all in LMAC! I greet you with a big hug, in this opportunity I want to present some images to contribute to the LIL-LMAC library. I hope you like it friends...until next time.

Hola a todos en LMAC! les saludo con un gran abrazo, en esta oportunidad quiero presentar unas imágenes para contribuir a la biblioteca de LIL-LMAC. espero les guste amigos...hasta la próxima oportunidad.


Flower, stem, leaves, sky, yellow, blue
Orchid flower, leaves, stem, white, pink, green,
Plants tree, pot, pot. elongated leaves, green
Wildflower flower, wildflower, leaves, purple, green
Insect, fly, animal, leaf, wings, green, black, green, black
Plant plant, wild, pointed, stem, stem, leaf brown
Pet dog, animal, pet, brown, puppy, puppy


Para traducir utilice: Traductor DeepL
Imágenes editadas en: Canva
fotos tomadas de mi cámara samsung


Text translated in: DeepL Translate
Images edited in: Canva
photos taken from my samsung camera



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