Halloween Carving


Hello @shaka, #LMAC Community and other Collage lovers on Hive,

@bidesign is back for #LMAC. Hope everything is going well for everyone. It's nice to hear there is a Halloween theme for collage contest. I knew that carving pumpkins for Halloween is a tradition. In my collage two artists are carving @shaka 's photo from pumpkin.

I made this digital collage with Adobe Photoshop. You can see working progress from below:


Used Images (Thanks a lot to their artists):


Hope you enjoy,
Thank you for your interest.

You can get information about and participate Let's Make a Collage Contest round 97 by @shaka from link:



It's been burning on my soul all day to leave a comment here. But I had little time until now.
Wow!!! This is not only a cleverly created collage, from a technical point of view, it also has a lot of humor and the idea behind it is pretty brilliant. Moreover, it's very obvious that you had a clear concept for your artwork and knew exactly how to implement it.
All in all, it just rocks!

Good luck in the contest!


I have noticed that you have not set @lmac as a beneficiary with 20%. Of course, this optional gesture can be quickly forgotten. But just in case you didn't know (or remember)...
Please keep in mind that this is the fuel for our contests, which allows us to provide attractive community prizes. Furthermore, setting it secures you the support by our curation trail and only by setting @lmac as beneficiary you become eligible to receive the community bonus if you make it to the Top 10. Win-Win! :-)

Thank you for your interest.

20% beneficiary is in my mind for next time.

The photo collage master is back with a wonderful piece of art. Very nice.
Welcome back and a !BEER to welcome you! 😎

Hey Hey @muelli, t is your kindness. Thanks a lot.

My friend, you have achieved a stroke of genius. Bravo for your ingenuity and imagination. Excellent, good luck in this round.

Thank you😊🙏

Hi @bidesign

Wonderful to see you contributing again! Your ingenious collages have been missed.

As @quantumG had pointed out, please note that we meanwhile ask all contributors to set the @lmac account as 20% beneficiary in their entries. Only by this we are able to award such attractive prizes each round.

Also, you will be amazed what the community built with the LIL library during the past months. Check it out at https://www.lmac.gallery/, you will sure find lots of great resources there which you may use in your future collages. The basic rules for using LIL images are given right on the welcome page.

Let me know anytime of you have questions! Great to see you back!



20% beneficiary is in my mind for next time.


Thank you for your interest

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