Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 199

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I still enjoy every time I make a collage, I walk through LMAC Gallery and imagine a thousand situations that are superimposed layer after layer. Changing meaning and creating new stories.

Let's Make a Collage Round 199


Sigo disfrutando cada vez que elaboro un collage, me paseo por LMAC Gallery e imagino mil situaciones que se van superponiendo capa tras capa. Cambiando de sentido y creando nuevas historias.

Let's Make a Collage Round 199


Flowers and thorns, light and darkness, that's what it's all about, seeking balance in life, in beauty and surrender. It also tells of internal struggles and power.


Flores y espinas, luz y oscuridad, de eso de trata todo esto, de ir buscando el equilibrio en la vida, en la belleza y la entrega. También cuenta las luchas internas y el poder.

Image by @shaka

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Amazing collage 😊

Thank you, it is my pleasure that you liked it.

Un hermoso collage que has presentado, me pasa igual, pero mi internet es tan lento que me cuesta disfrutar de la galería LIL.


A veces dependemos de elementos externos que hacen la tarea más difícil, deseo que lo puedas solucionar. Gracias por comentar

What lovely wings the fractal created. Nice theme to just have the tree branches as the background for the house image. Good luck in the contest.

I'd like to bring your attention to an item. The image from pixabay doesn't show the direct link. It is the link to the user.

Take care.

Thank you very much for your comment, I have fixed it.
I'm glad you liked how my work was supported by yours.

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