Nice. Ancient fantasy. Wish you luck in the contest. 😎

You're welcome! 😎

Hello @keisslermt. The visual effect of the background is appealing. I like how it was transformed from the original image. The peach colors really made an impact. Were the bubbles included in the source image of the blue fish used as the rings bring thrown? Lovely effect.

If you don't mind, what program did you use?

Thanks for sharing your collage.

Hola, gracias. Yo uso power point para hacer mi collage.

Thanks for sharing that. I also know how to use PowerPoint. I wanted to try something different instead of my usual Canva. So I used PowerPoint to create my LMAC Support Post for this Round 88. I like the background removal feature in PowerPoint; however, it's a bit more difficult, meaning more steps to complete the process.

Appreciate the engagement.

Yo trabajo mejor aqui que en Photoshop y Canva no lo he usado para los collages!