Join the LMAC Curation Trail and Frontrun a 200k+ HP Vote - Top Picks & Weekly Update

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⚡️Authors of this week's top picks are each set as 20% beneficiaries in this post

Join the LMAC Curation Trail to Support Original Collage Art on Hive While Frontrunning a 200k+ HP Vote!

The @lmac account has been registered as a curation trail at and curates all valid entries to the 👉LMAC contest. The @lmac vote is followed by a 200k+ HP vote with an intentional delay of 5 minutes to provide the entire trail with a boost on curation rewards.

UPDATE: In its 10th week, the NEW LMAC Curation Trail has grown to a length of 52 supporting accounts (+ 2 since last week) and can now vote with a stake of ~409'300 HP (+ 300 HP since last week).


Further to that the @lmac account has been trusted with the following direct HP delegations:

Thanks to all participants and delegators the LMAC Curation Trail can substantially support all entries to the LMAC contest regardless of their ranking in the final community poll.

Hivers, art lovers and LMACians who wish to support original collage art on Hive but don't have the time to curate for themselves can join the trail easily:

These have been the three top pics of the LMAC Curation Trail during the last week:

(Click on the images to get to the respective entry)

@panksero drawing
@quantumg drawing
@berlissanoja drawing
Template image by @borjan drawing

Please visit the blogs of these collage artists, where you may find more content that you like and want to support.


Started as a niche offering, the LMAC has meanwhile attracted a dedicated community with now 330 subscribers (+13 since the last week). The past rounds were regularly joined by 50-70 active contributors who enjoy making collages and competing with their creations in a friendly competition:


In our growing group of participants all skill-levels are welcome! We have enthusiastic hobbyists, whose ideas and creativity never fail to amaze, as well as some highly skilled professionals who contribute impressive collage art.

To provide further support for all contributions to the LMAC community, the @lmac account has been registered as a curation trail at and continually curates submissions to the LMAC.

The @lmac trail is followed by a 200k+ HP vote with an intentional delay of 5 minutes! Thus all accounts in the trail will receive a substantial boost on their curation rewards!

The rules by which the @lmac account curates are short and simple:

  • Only rule-compliant contributions that are posted to the LMAC community will be voted on.
  • The @lmac account will never be used to pull votes on posts of the trail owner.

Please respond to this post if you have further questions or wish to learn more about the LMAC!

See you soon at 'Let's Make a Collage!'!


Wonderful selections. I'm amazed by how much work all of this must be and the organizational skills you must have to put it all together. You make a lot of people happy, and you give hope, at least momentarily, to many. You allow some of us to actively get lost in our imaginations. That's a very good thing.
Thanks @shaka.

Thank you for these so encouraging words @agmoore.

It's always an honor for me to see my work together with the beautiful works of other Hivers in the list of the top pics. I really appreciate it.

You can go wrong with Frieda :)) Delightful collage.

I send my heartiest congratulations to my fellow LMAC mates 👏👏👏 @berlissanoja @quantumg @panksero

Thank you very much.🤗

Ohhh thanks a lot... thanks a lot for the mention and for valuing my art.🤗☺

Muchas felicitaciones por esta labor. No les conocía. Soy relativamente nuevo en hive.
Estaré pendiente de ustedes.

This project keeps on giving and keeps on building and innovating in the way of interacting and motivating the community. My mind thrills with each new contest and I am happy to go on the artistic bend and show my creativity.

Proud to have joined this journey from the incipient phases!

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thank you shaka for allowing me to participate in this contest and for the prize awarded to the elaborate collage, I congratulate all the winners and participants of this round. greetings to all see you in the other round.

Thanks to all the participants who supported my work and I invite you to continue participating to continue growing and advancing in the contests. Thanks to shaka for his constant support. Regards.