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Welcome everyone to the final Poll of Let's Make a Collage - Round 155!

In this poll all Hivers are invited to decide on the distribution of 99 HIVE among this week's LMAC finalists!

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This week it seemed particularly important to me to see how the artists deal with the bridge, which seems to be interpreted in so many different ways in this landscape.
In my view, @seckorama did an excellent job of bringing this element into the collage.
Likewise @yetsimar, where childlike innocence meets often brutal reality.
With @evagavilan2, where the clash of the titans separates everything that seems to connect (expressed by the bridge) with violence.

In dieser Woche erschien es mir besonders wichtig zu sehen, wie die Kreativen mit der Brücke umgehen, die so vielfältig in dieser Landschaft interpretierbar scheint.
Meiner Ansicht nach hat @seckorama dieses Element hervorragend in die Collage eingebracht.
Ebenso @yetsimar, wo kindliche Unschuld und oft brutale Realität aufeinandertreffen.
Bei @evagavilan2, wo der Kampf der Titanen alles, was (durch die Brücke ausgedrückt) zu verbinden scheint, mit Gewalt getrennt wird.

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