The LMAC Community Website is Live!

The LMAC community website and LIL gallery

Hello Hivers and LMACians!

We are thrilled to announce that our community website has just gone live!


Already with this initial release, our website will serve all Hivers as a fully functional web interface to query our latest community project - The LMAC Image Library, aka the LIL!

An incredible 2569 images are now available at your fingertips. And there are more coming every day.

The LIL is a copyright-free image archive created by Hivers for Hivers! If you like to contribute to the LIL find all about it in this post!

❤️If you use images from the LIL in any of your Hive publications, we do ask you to acknowledge the respective contributors as 2% beneficiaries each.❤️

Also, if you use the #lil tag, you will help our curators find your post which may get you additional support from our LMAC voting trail!

What to expect next

We are committed to continuously expand our website into a feature-rich community hub.

  • To showcase the amazing work which our community creates every week in the Lets Make A Collage contest.
  • To provide access to all our community resources, such as The LMAC School.
  • To advertize the Hive as THE network for creatives all across the world!

We are excited to receive feedback from Hivers and LMACians. Please comment on this post or reach out to us directly on our community Discord. We would love to hear from you!

📢 >>> <<< 📢

~The LMAC Team
@agmoore, @mballesteros, @quantumg & @shaka

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This is an amazing development. I think it is unique on the Hive blockchain (although I'm not very versed in blockchain technology). A matter of pride for all of us, and a basis for growth.

Everyone who participates in the collage contest, and everyone who contributes to LIL can take pride in this. But, special mention to @quantumg for amazing, dedicated coding and to @shaka for his inspired leadership and collaboration with @quantumg on development issues I can't even begin to understand.

Hello friend, yes I believe that it is the only gallery of free images of Hive

Finally, the most awaited news of the week! Habemus website for LMAC! 🎉🎊


Great project! Best regards.

Congratulations @lmac team!
This is incredible news, this website is a great benefit for LMACians.
It's a pride to be a user of this great community that keeps evolving and innovating.
Great job 👏

Congratulations to LMAC community, to @shaka , and to his great team, especially to @quantumg for the support provided.👍😁🍷🎈

Wow, this is absolutely great! 😎

This post make my day..
What an incredible innovation..
I root for this community 📉🌏

Guao maravillosa noticia, que éxito... muchas felicitaciones a todo el grupo, y por cada aporte..
Son excelentes noticias.

Greetings friend, congratulations this is a great achievement for our community, in which it will allow us to create collage with free images, let the successes continue.

Great job @lmac! I'm happy that I've contributed to LiL, too!

Me parece una iniciativa única y productiva para todos. Hay que seguir fomentando el uso de estas imágenes y lograr collages fantasticos!

nice... have fun!

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finalmente ya tenemos la biblioteca de imágenes, felicidades a todas esas personas que hicieron contribuciones y a la comunidad de @lmac por su excelente trabajo, saludos


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Your level lowered and you are now a Red Fish!

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Congratulations @lmac!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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Feedback from the October 1st Hive Power Up Day

That is interesting, a free stock photo library, sorry for the late comment :-)

Felicidades 🎉!!!🤗🥳🥳

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