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My first collage with images from the LIL Library.


The contest photo inspired me to enjoy nature, so as the original image is beautiful and has a lot of nature, I just wanted to accentuate that focus more, I added a pond with some cute geese from my friend @agmoore and @Quantumg's in-laws as the cabin family, but as the family without a dog is not complete, so I added a cute pet.

All images were taken from the LIL image library.


If you want to see a teaser of LIL's evolution, check out this post from our dear friend @Quantumg.

Original Image provided by Shaka


Used images from our contributors:

@davidpena21, @irisgonzalez, @quantumg and @agmoore. Thank you!


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Hola amiga hermoso collage, suerte en el concurso

Gracias mi amigo 🤗

I love that picture of @quantumg's in-laws. They are just perfect peaking out from the hut. How clever you are ;)

the family without a dog is not complete,

I agree!And what a dog. Wonderful face. I love your collage. That would be a great place for a vacation. And my little goose made it into the happy picture.

Have a great Sunday, @mballesteros

Thank you Agmoore! Today I improved the collage by adding some color. It is definitely a beautiful place to vacation. Have a nice day my friend! 🤗

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hola amiga te quedo genial ese collage, saludos

Gracias mi amigo, me encantaría ver tu participación en el concurso.

Muy coolorido e imaginativo!!!

My in-laws seem very happy in the idyll of this colorful and beautiful scene.
A real glamour in the collage feed this week!

Oh yeah! They look very happy 😁 thanks my friend. 🤗