LIL - My contribution to the LMAC Image Library

Hello everyone...
I hope you're having a great week and staying safe and healthy....

I'm submitting another new sets of artworks I made for the let's make a collage image library which members of the community have been building for sometime now.....

I also saved them in PNG format so it will be very easy to add to the collages without battling with taking out backgrounds

Little Island Island, beach, water, pool
Tree tree, dead tree, black tree
Water. water, river, lake, pool
Rock. Rock, stone,block
Butterfly. Butterfly, wings, fly
Tree. Tree, Green tree, Plant
Wall. Wall, block, bricks
Butterfly. Butterfly, blue butterfly, fly
Tree. Tree, red tree

I hope you like it
Thanks for visiting my blog, have a wonderful day/night....
Cheers 💞💞


Thank you for your contributions Onyechi! 👍

Hello @onyechi. I love the digital images. We need more of them in the LIL. I also created some digital images called fractals. It takes time to create and design them, so I know the work involved.

Thank you so much for the transparent background too. They make life easier for compiling collages. Take care, and have a good rest of your day.

Thank you so much, I'll definitely check out your fractals