UFO teleports cows from the grassland for experiments | LMAC Round 113

in Let's Make a Collagelast year (edited)

Whenever I see grassland, I am thinking of alien movies where UFOs are flying unexpected and grabbing some animals (mostly cows) to do experiments. Maybe the SCIFI movies left that mark in my mind, but this is what comes to mind and makes my creative get to the surface. So I have tried to embed all these elements over the proposed picture which represent a beautiful nature snapshot. Maybe they are grabbing cows as these are saint in some cultures...who knows, mystic rules the world...


My creation has been done using Adobe Photoshop Elements and the used image was from Pixabay.com "Free for commercial use. No attribution required." The first image is of an UFO beaming.

Source: UFO Flying

Second image brought the cows to the mixture.

Source: Cows grassland

The original image is from @shaka.

Source: Base Image

Hope you like my interpretation envisioning cows teleported by UFOs.



Hello @photoark. An interesting sci-fi theme. The cows will be teleported and studied. You mention above that the "first picture" of a boy fishing. Perhaps, he's already been teleported so he can be studied also.

Thanks for sharing your collage in the Community. Have a good start to the weekend, and take care.

Thanks for coming by and observing that. It remained from the previous LMAC where I've used the post template. Updated it with the UFO beaming now ;)

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