Wolves are hungry for sheep | LMAC 120

The gray sky and the pale grass on which the sheep were eating while the entire picture being still, took my mind to imagine some hungry wolves for an easy prey. The crows already started flying above the sky predicted what is yet to happen while a magic presence prepares to let the wolves attack the prey.


My creation has been done using Adobe Photoshop Elements and the used image was from Pixabay.com "Free for commercial use. No attribution required."

The first image used in the collage is about a gothic female with a spell on a herd of wolves.

Source: Gothic-fantasy-dark-female-witch

Next I've added the crows flying around as the death is near by.

Source: Crows-of-death

The original image is from @shaka.


Hope you like my simple interpretation with the hungry wolves for an easy prey, sheep.



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