LMAC: Back From The Crusades

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When I first saw @shaka’s template for the collage I thought of the ruined the castle as being home to one order of the Knights Templar. On coming back from years of fighting religious wars and protecting people on pilgrimages, their castle is partially destroyed.

While they were in the Holy Land a wicked witch had taken control of their castle and was slowing bringing the stone walls down as she searched for the Holy Grail in the castle. For every day she didn’t find the sacred cup, she pointed a crooked finger and BOOM! more stones came tumbling off the castle walls. This was the cup Jesus had drank from at the last supper and to find it would give untold powers. The Holy Grail had been found in Jerusalem by the knights and hidden safely in their castle...or so they thought.

Now the knights are returning, the witch pretends she has come to the castle to bring them a basket of fruit as a welcome home. A little fairy had witnessed the destruction of the castle by the witch. She sits on the crumbling castle wall, happy to see the knights return....


Template provided by @shaka. This is used as the starting point for your collage.


My additions done in PhotoCollage.com

Knight on horse
Knight in armour
Knight on horse
Full Moon
Sky from MotionLeap. I had movement of the sky but it wouldn’t upload to this post from my photo files. Lunapic made it possible to upload but made it smaller and with less frames.

This is how it came out.


The first collage is my entry to @shaka’s #letsmakeacollage contest. Check Here for more information to join the fun contest.



Wow! There will be at least a couple of furrowed brows among LMAC competitors when they see your collage. It is beautiful, fanciful, and just delightful. I feel like writing my own story after seeing your collage and reading yours :))

Hi A.G. Thanks for your lovely comment and generosity. I’m pleased you liked the collage. I look forward to see what beauty you come up with. 🌸


Una maravillosa historia detrás de las ruinas de un castillo suerte

Nice your collage art photography.

A castle as a template - knights, witches and fairies naturally fit very well into the picture. The witch comes by when the moon is full, pretending she is nice, but she can't fool the knights and the fairy is watching the scene carefully.
Well done Jo, here we have a new story that may have a sequel 😁👍

Cheers with !BEER and !WINE and a !PIZZA too, of course 🍕

Good afternoon Hannes,

Haha, My imagination was really going when I saw the ruined castle. :) You analyzed the situation quickly. Maybe I will finally get a sequel going for one of these stories. 😀

Thanks dear Hannes for your reblog, generosity and goodies. Always appreciated.😊🌺

Wishing you a wonderful Frigg’s Day.☀️

As always, you are most welcome dear Jo 🤗
Yep, I am hoping for happy endings of these stories and wish you also a wonderful Frigg's Day 🌞

Cheers with !BEER and !WINE

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You really do enjoy doing this and you always turn them out very creative again nicely done 👍

Thanks @kohsamui99. I have fun doing the collages.🌸

My pleasure @redheadpei and good luck in the contest 👍

So many knights did not return from the Crusades, I am glad your knights have Jo. Cute little collage.

Thanks Angie. My knights were lucky ones. :)

Excellent story and the collage came out great Jo!! The sky looks just as nice still as it does moving too! You are pretty darn good at the LMAC! 💖💞

Thanks dear Dee for your lovely comment on my collages. 💕

You're most welcome Jo! 💞

Greetings friend, excellent story behind a beautiful collage, it is a story that can be used for children, good luck in the contest.

Thanks @cetb2008.🌸 I’m pleased you liked the story.

Hi there @redheadpei How are you??? Love the collage - beautiful colours :)

Thanks for your lovely comments.

I am well Andy @andysantics48 despite the covid-19 floating around the world. Great you are back! 😊 Where are you living now?

Wishing you a wonderful day.☀️

Congratulations. Medieval action specified to the last detail. Wish you luck at the contest. 😎

Thanks @seckorama and for good luck wishes. I love anything to do with the Knights Templar.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 55 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix!