You liked my lady! Thank you. I can't draw. Every now and then I get an idea and can see how to do a thing clearly. That happened with the lady. Not good, but at least she looks human :)) That happened once when I was looking at my granddaughter while she was sleeping. Suddenly,I could do it, I could draw her face,and I did it. Like magic. Funny the way the mind works.

Thanks so much for visiting, and for the tip. Hope winter treats you kindly up there in Canada :)

Most welcome A.G. We have good weather for this time of year. The lawn is still green and no snow yet.It will be coming. ☃️ I would like some for Christmas though. Everyone has their house decorated and the snow makes it all look magical.

Yes, that’s it about the lady in green- you made her look human. I understand what you meant by sometimes it works out like magic. I’m glad you were able to capture your granddaughter’s face in a drawing.

All the best for the season to you and yours dear A.G.🎅

🎄 🎅 🎄