LIL: Entry to the LMAC Image Library #13

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Hello LMAC community!

My 13th contribution to the LMAC Image Library (LIL).

Some of my photos from the last six months.
I removed the background, and save them as transparent 24-bit PNGs, to preserve the color depth and quality. They can be used immediately in your collages and other posts.

Photos are under the Public Domain as required in LIL, with various dimensions.
I tried to make the objects as large as possible to make them easier to manipulate. You can use them for anything and anywhere, without restrictions.

😎 📷 😎

Statue statue, woman, lady, art, marble, medieval, sculpture, transparent
Food plate food, plate, healthy, vegetables, salad, asparagus, paprika, mushrooms, dish, meat, transparent
Milo resting animal, dog, rest, transparent
The doors doors, portal, wood, marble, transparent
Statue statue, man, marble, art, medieval, sculpture, transparent
Statue statue, man, art, medieval, sculpture, transparent
Monument statue, man, horse, general, monument, transparent
Monument monument, statue, monster, sculpture, transparent
Corn leaf figurine figure, figurine, leaf, corn, homemade, transparent
Corn leaf figurine figure, figurine, leaf, corn, homemade, transparent
Corn leaf figurine figure, figurine, leaf, corn, homemade, transparent
Statue of St. Mary and child statue, child, saint, sculpture, transparent
St George and the Dragon statue statue, saint, dragon, monument, sculpture, transparent
Tank Sherman vehicle, tank, combat, sherman, history, transparent
Statue statue, angel, skeleton, death, doomsday, sculpture, transparent
Rider rider, horse, ancient, monument, statue, sculpture, transparent
Bullet bullet, sphere, orb, monument, stone, sculpture, transparent
Seeding seeding, monument, statue, planting, sculpture, transparent

btw: Table is properly scripted, tested with LIL checker.

😎 📷 😎

20% of the earnings go to the community (@lmac).

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... will be more 😁

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Haha, thanks :)

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Thanks for that contribution to the LIL. Have all these figurines been photographed in freely accessible areas / public space ?

Yes, I caught these figures in a park in small town near Vienna.