Fireball Catapult vs. T-Rex - LMAC Round 75

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My Visualisation [Entry]


Digital artwork I've made in Adobe Photoshop 2020. @shaka - the host of LMAC provided us a forest photo. As soon as I saw the photo, my imagination decided it will be a war between some big creature and people throwing spears. While working on the idea I tried to make the ideal "storyboard" at the first place. The more the idea was worked out, the more it tend to be dinosaur vs. fireballs and I liked that scene much more than warriors throwing spears.


Original Photo by @shaka

TbYDYaD - Imgur.jpg

This time, I managed not to change background at all like I did last 2 times. It's time for something new, and this time it was about playing with space and perception.


Collecting the Elements (Royalty Free Photos)

Firstly, I had to find dinosaur, I mean... I didn't had to, I wanted to, but the tricky thing was to find it in right stance, that will fit my perception. Honestly, it wasn't easy, but I found a photo which I flipped later in Photoshop and it turned out to be really good. Rarely happens, I won't complain!

Second this was to find a good catapult photo, which wasn't easy either. Catapults are weapon used in ancient times and it's not easy to find it on modern websites. Actually I found decent photo, tweaked it a bit in Photoshop and voila, got my second most important element!

Fire and fireballs I wanted to make were other tactics. I made them separately in Photoshop as well. Downloaded Fire photo, put it in Screen Mode which removes blacks from photo so only fire remains. Made fireball from crack texture - and it ended up pretty well too! I'm going to show you downloaded photos, their sources, and workflow of fireball right below.

Source Catapult (Pixabay)



Design Workflow of Fireball




Let me explain the workflow in order:

  • Downloaded a crack texture photo in high resolution --> Souce I've learnt that technique from Nemanja Sekulić, a great Photoshop Teacher.

  • With built-in Adjustment Layer called "Gradient Map" I've made that lava look. Colors: Black-Red-Yellow (as visible on second photo)

  • Photoshop 2020 has a great option that wasn't available in previous versions and it's called 3D. I've made "New Mesh from Layer" with built-in preset "Sphere". Now when I have all the elements ready, it's turn for little bit of PHOTOSHOP MAGIC :)

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 13.04.05.png

  • I've made a screenshot if anyone's interested in making 3D layers inside Photoshop. Really tricky and attractive option, I should play with it a bit more as it's very cool for making planets and many more various things.
    Open the photo in new tab for better resolution, so you can observe details

Fire 01.jpg

Fire 02.jpg

  • The last details I needed for my composition is Fire photo. Source is the same as I mentioned above, it's a zip of free materials from mister Nemanja.


Take a Look of the Finish Now When it's All Explained


For the end, a little color correction always comes in handy to make the details stand out. Actually, in every project the last fine step is CC - that's kind of my author's watermark to the work. I like Highlights more pronounced with Blacks & Shadows a little more withdrawn. That combination gives a nice contrast I really like.


Whole design and Photo Manipulation was done in Adobe Photoshop 2020.




I wish good luck to all of participants of Let's Make a Collage Contest of round 75.

© This content is originally made by @tonac


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Hi, everything is perfect, your collage, your detailed explanation.

World on fire, catapult on fire, dinosaur on fire!!!!
The great war is on!
Love the scene @tonac.
Best of luck!

I'm very glad you liked it! Thank you dear 😊