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When people would say that many of us interact on Discord more than the blockchain, I'd like to point out that there are ways to leverage the blockchain from Discord, and vis versa.

It doesn't make much sense to record casual chat conversations on-chain. It makes even less sense to try to get casual voice conversations on-chain. So Discord and the other live communication modalities fill a need for real-time collaboration.

But we can attempt to bridge the two using bots like @banjo.

Trivia: Why is it called Banjo? Well, when I bought a couple Raspberry Pis (a type of small, inexpensive computer), I named them Banjo and Cosgrove. I usually name my personal computers after cartoon characters.

They were the second ("B") and third ("C") computers in that space. I would have started with "A" but there was already a server there, though it's name is Sgt. Uniblab, which was moved there from a previous location (that's another naming convention I use, prefix "Sgt." to personal servers).

When I first developed the my Discord bot, I named it after the Raspberry Pi it initially ran on. But it soon outgrew the abilities of that hardware, as well as the fact that my ISP was terribly unreliable at the time. So I moved Banjo's code over to Digital Ocean.

And yes, there is a Cosgrove Discord bot, but it's usually just for testing, and it's still on that original Pi.

I'd like to propose a 3.50 HBD daily pay for running the Banjo Discord Bot, also known as @banjo on Hive.

This proposal is not really intended to support development of Banjo, as such. I think it's a good idea, but the main purpose of this proposal is to support the non-development costs like hosting and other devops.

I have plans to continue abstracting as many of the commands as possible so that the public codebase reflects most, if not all, functionality ... eventually. I'm just highlighting the open-source aspect in case that's a deal-breaker for anyone, consider that some (not all) of Banjo's code is already open-source:

The cosgrove framework allows anyone to design their own bot with the ability to interact with Hive. Many (not all) of the commands that Banjo provides are actually provided directly by cosgrove, under the hood. Most of the other chain commands specific to Banjo are at least supported by cosgrove.

If you'd like to explore the commands that Banjo provides, I also have a community to document that.

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Dats about tree fiddy!

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Thanks @banjo.

My hips!

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Ti amo amore mio.

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Who are you?


Wow,so you are the one who built banjo.How many Raspberry Pi are you running now?I thought Raspberry pi are only meant for small programming task as they are very small and not powerful.I didn't know that they can be used for building server.

 4 years ago  

I have three, now. Two Pi 3 and one Pi zero.

I mostly use the Pi 3s for testing software. I use the zero for surveillance.

At around HF12 (2016) it was possible to run a Steem seed node on a Raspberry Pi 3. They're not the most powerful devices, but they're quite flexible.

The DAO can afford 3.5 HBD daily. Banjo has my support.

@banjo please how can I contact your helpdesk

I made a transaction to my hive wallet for days using banjo on the discord server but it is not reflecting. Please help

Thanks. I anticipate

Sounds very fair to me👍

I support

legit, approved

You got my vote and staked Banjo Tokens too!

Banjo rocks!

Voting for this proposal was a no-brainer. I've been a fan of @banjo ever since I've known about him.

Sounds like a no brainier to me. Should of happened long ago. Approval from me!


Big Fan!

Yeah... until recently mostly on discord DMs, rarely on chain..

Sounds neat ! We are on :)

You got my support!

I'll chuck you a vote, Banjo's well cute.

Awesome... my first proposal support. I think it's worth it especially if you are abstracting and sharing. Would love to more about using PI's and Hive. I've got two sitting collecting dust. Might have to clean them up.

A bit more of a description about what Banjo is and what it does would be useful.

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This post sums it up pretty well:

And this is the original announcement post:

Back then, Banjo was exclusive to SteemSpeak. Now the invite is public (which is shown on the @banjo account banner).

Thanks. I'm amazed I didn't know about this.

If you could explain or simply give a few examples of usecases I'd be in.😀

Right now the Discord bots are kind of annoying.😛

 4 years ago  

I'm still working on documenting all of the commands for people who are unfamiliar.

Here's the community where that’s happening:

Banjo rocks!

I only use facebook to connect with family says no one ever who meant it, what a stupid thing to say, giving 1 website or organization credit for your online footprint.

Good post.

Banjo is awesome and 3.5 SBD seems more than fair!

Got my vote.

I love Banjo even though he does not want to be my boyfriend. :)
I support this proposal .

Proposal supported: thanks for the interesting Trivia, mate! !BEER & hugs! 🤗

Sounds more than reasonable. Approved