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Hi friends, I want to share with us briefly a revelation that opened up to me about two years ago.

This revelation solved and answered life's most difficult question. An average human that wakes up every day can barely answer the question of who they are. This is a great tragedy because it is dangerous to have breath everyday and not know what to use it for.

We wake up with new strength and energy day by day but its unfortunate that most humans waste their energy on the things that has nothing to with who they really are.

I have come to a conclusion after my research that the most difficult question every human is trying to answer every day is the question of "Who am I?" or "Why was I born?" This is revealed in our day to day struggles as we engage in diffrent activities that we hope would help us succeed.

So in answering the question "Who am I?" there are three major principles I discovered and I'll like to focus on them in this topic. These three principles are the secrete to self discovery.

These principles explain the reason for the breath and energy we get everyday. They bring us to a place of consciousness and responsibility.

Your identity is who you are. There is someone that you are and there something you contain that another person doesn't have, there is something about you that is lacken in every other person in the world. That thing is what makes you different and unique from several billion people. You are different and unique.

Therefore, it is important and necessary for you to find out who you are because you alone can fill up the vacuum your exist to fill.

In order to know or discover who you are, you need an understanding of the three keys below;

  1. Discover your GIFT
  2. Discover your PURPOSE
  3. Discover your IDENTITY

In the three sentences below, I'll help you discover your identity but I'll break everything in a simpler way in the next part of this post.

You gift is what you know how to do naturally, your purpose is what you were born to do with your gift, then who you are is the person of your purpose.

The statement might lolok complicated, but trust me it's very simple. I'll shed more light in the next part. Keep mediating on that till i share the next part of this post.

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I am @adesojisouljay, the unique being.


Great and brilliant reflection we must know our identity, our Gift and have a purpose in life.This in addition to helping us to be better human beings will help us to have a better world.

Thanks.. We become better everyday as we pursue our purpose