Why its Important to Determine and Priorities Your Values in Life...?

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Successful and achieved people are different from the remainder of the population, therein they need created powerful and effective mindsets for all times


1 Minute Please...

How they carry these ideas, concepts thoughts, and methods to the underlying pages in their lives?
Taking your values without any consideration can lead you down a dark path in life.
Determining and prioritizing values, can offer you the happy ending that you simply have always hoped of the.

Let’s mention ‘Listening’!

Saying less and listening more are often incredibly beneficial to us.
I would considerably wish to start out explaining this William Shakespeare’s quotes:
Give every man thy ear but few thy voice.”
The great play wright is explicitly stating that one must incoming information and be less concerned about their own ideas.
When you are listening, you are receiving the ideas which will vary from what you think that , which may alright change your perception of the earth .
Surely, we all have experienced it, and it's basically because the person isn’t thinking about what you're trying to mention in the conversation.
Let’s not be that kind of person who’s merely expecting you to catch a breath and toss down their ideas at you!project Hope. gifjpg.jpg
A person like that might not even give other people’s ideas an opportunity , let alone accept them. So, let’s do some counting.
How much talking do i do on a mean day?
How much does one listen?

Most people tend to treat conversation like some kind of competition or a challenge.
They think that the one that says the foremost and manages to influence people is that truth winner.

Abraham Lincoln said,
“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and take away all doubt.”


Now is the time to sit down and make a listing of whatever values that come to your mind, and prioritize them one by one.
It is vital to back on them once you’ve written them down. once you understand your values, you'll learn to measure by them and stay committed to your own self.
Remember one thing: Your values aren't you, but they work sort of a compass and point you to the right way.
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Listening is an art that must be practiced in order to speak better.

I agree that it is very educational to observe and analyze everything that is heard, one learns different points of view and above all knows better the person with whom he is communicating.

But speaking is also very important, as it is a vital factor in the communication process, where there must always be a sender and a receiver, and of course it is vital that there is a retro food so that communication is nurtured and there is learning.

Thanks for the reminder of the fact that we ought to listen more and speak less. I once heard someone said God gave two ears and a mouth so we listen more than we speak. Silence is truly golden.

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Most people tend to treat conversation like some kind of competition or a challenge.

You are right, i've come across such people several times all they care about is their opinion to be heard.
Thanks for sharing.

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