How to identify a toxic relationship and stay away from them.

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Signs of toxicity is a thing to look out for in our relationships, it could be the relationship with our colleagues at work or relationship with friends and relatives but a toxic relationship is not healthy for us at all, the sooner we realize a relationship that is toxic, the better it is for us. Some toxic people understand the power that they hold in our lives and they always see that as an opportunity to make us feel less of ourselves on a regular note, once you realize that you are in a toxic relationship it is safe and better for you to leave a relationship like that

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How do we figure out a relationship that is toxic? Keep reading in order to get the clear signs that a toxic relationship shows to you and how possible it is for you to avoid them.

Toxic people always like to play the role of a victim, even when they offend you they make you feel so bad that you are the one who ends up apologizing for the offence that they have committed. The attitude of a victimized person usually makes us do things for them out of pity and empathy, when you are in a relationship with a victimized person you will begin to give in your time your money as well as your effort into making the relationship stay and this person will continue to take advantage of your good will until there is a drastic change in that relationship or the relationship comes to an end.

Toxic people are actively emotional abusers, an emotional abuser could make you feel less motivation because they make you constantly feel like you are up to no good, this feeling will definitely result to low self-esteem and depression also, most times after there is a conversation with a toxic person you just feel your mood drop and you begin to feel extremely bad about yourself.

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For some toxic people, they are always negative they love to share the story of negative happenings more than the positive ones those who stay around them usually do not get the feeling of happiness instead they most times feel very sad.

The attitude of toxicity can happen to anyone but it is best to discover if we have this trait of toxicity in us and then work towards putting an end to this feeling of toxicity, it could be overcome if we are interested in it, the best thing is to go for counselling and get ourselves free from toxicity.

If you have a close friend or relative who is the toxic person it is best to confront them and offer a solution, but if they are bent on retaining the toxic attitude, it is best for us to keep a safe distance from people like that, this will help us maintain a proper mental health and also prevent us from being toxic also.


It is wise to always surround yourself with people with a mentality, people who make you see life in a pleasant way and thus be able to guarantee an environment in which we will progress.

And there is also the aspect that you cannot help someone who does not want to be helped, so in these cases it is better to walk away even if you have the best intentions to help the person.

Hi @reinaldoverdu I appreciate this great contribution, if someone doesn't believe they have a problem then we cannot help them

Toxicity is very terrible for our mental health, regularly being exposed to any form of abuse either it is emotional or physical is a total ruin of life which means if the person isn't ready to change we have to say very far away from such relationship.

It is always safe to step out if the person isn't ready to change

Hi @ben-edom
In the face of all this I think the best thing to do is to focus on ourselves, and not out of selfishness, but many times one compromises a lot of our life to try to help others. I comment that, because at the moment we focus our energies on those toxic people we can really end up very very affected, and usually it is not worth it.

Toxicity is a ruin to our personalities and growth

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Toxic people have the ability to not appear to be toxic and take advantage of the low self-esteem of the people who end up being their victims.

Hello friend, today there are many toxic people and sometimes we do not realize how much they affect our lives. It is good to detect the signs so we can free ourselves and get away from such people. Although many do not believe it, the energy of someone can affect us a lot both physically and mentally. Therefore, we should always take care of our health. Greetings!

One of the things that happens very often is that people end up in relationships where verbal and physical abuse is increasingly on the rise and now that it seems that social media is trying to make toxic relationships normal, many people are now freely using the term "la toxica" to refer to their partners and women are referring to their partners as "el toxico", a real madness that seeks to make toxic relationships seem normal.

The decision to remain in a toxic relationship is very bad for our mental health, it makes growth difficult and almost impossible most times, a toxic relationship needs to be avoided really soon.

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