Price of Cardano (ADA) in the peak of the crypto cycle

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The price of bitcoin at the top of the next bull cycle is now estimated by every second trader. More conservative talks of $ 50,000, but there are also those with estimates of around $ 400,000. The average estimate is somewhere between $ 100,000 - $ 150,000. But what could be the price of the Cardano (ADA) at that time?

The technological side of Cardano is very interesting, but a lot of you are definitely interested in the price. You can check the current one on CoinMarketCap, for example, but what about the future price? Maybe during another bull run, which may (and may not) be behind the door?!

ADA_price in bull run.png

Some of you will continue to earn passive income in the ADA for staking (now around 5% yearly), others will want to cash out part of the portfolio.

I would like to point out in advance that this is pure speculation, definitely make your own conclusions, and even if you take mine as your own, I would recommend that you divide the ADA coins you want to sell into several parts and sell them in several different levels.

The Fundamental Quality of Cardano

But first I will look at the fundamental side of my calculations. At the last ATH ADA, Cardano didn't have anything (often emphasized by Charles Hoskinson in his videos), and it still got over $1! If the next peak will be in 2021-2023, we would probably already have functional smart contracts (Goguen phase) and quite possibly also implemented sidechains and improved scaling (Basho phase). With the community and fan base around Cardano expanding considerably, it can be expected to be one of the most hyped projects in the final stage of the bull run.

This purely mathematical prediction of the next ADA peak in the next bull run, at any time, is based on the ADA / BTC rate. We reached the last peak of ADA when BTC was already in the correction of 20% compared to ATH, not with ATH bitcoin at 19k. Therefore, if we calculate the average general assumption/estimate of the BTC peak at $ 100,000, let's calculate the ADA peak calculation at values ​​around $ 80,000.


How much will be ADA/BTC?

If we take the "realistic-optimistic" variant, ie an increase in the ADA / BTC exchange rate of 10 times, which is the value where the ADA / BTC was already at the last peak in January 2018, we would get to the exchange rate of 0.0000588.

The maximally optimistic variant is equal to the ATH of the ADA / BTC rate at 0.00008788.


The ADA can reach values between $ 7- $ 13 at the absolute peak, which can take only a few minutes/hours.

More realistic will be the price between $ 3- $ 5. However, I would take some profits - at least some part of the portfolio, between $ 1- $ 2, in case the price does not reach the stated goals, at least you will have a part of the profit already.

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