Duality as thought

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Our mind and the external (matter) can be united in one way or another in a psychological duality that connects us from the inside of our body and that can provide us with a healthy connection between the body and the mind and the way in which thought and behavior interact.

Historically there are elements that bind us as a human species to this system of duality, such examples can be good and evil (God and devil) that can easily operate in our mind and make our body act.

The thoughts that arise from this dual current make us presume that they are independent forces, but that in their way of acting and understanding about us they make them netamente is in the world we know.

If we manage to develop this dual idea we will realize that it is an idea that takes as a principle that the brain and the body do not even go hand in hand with the mind, since the brain and the body would be physical entities, while the mind transcends the frontiers of matter.

We cannot see and touch the mind, but if we can appreciate many actions that are derived from its existence, such examples are the way in which we develop enough consciousness to be able to discern between good and bad, when we reason in everyday life or when we reason in order to expand our intellect we are boosting our mind, there are other actions that could not be left behind by the mind, and these are the emotions, feeling happy or sad depends on the way we put our mind to work.

Of course, none of this would be possible (execution of our mind) if there were not that other component that makes up duality as the brain is, but if our brain stops working, the mind disappears and only the physical entity remains.

It is important to emphasize that the current of dualism is very contradictory when analyzing other currents that affirm that the body and the mind are not separated, such current of thought and philosophy is called monism, and simply focuses on conceiving the mind and the brain as one.

What role does dualism play in psychology?

Psychology in its way of dealing with this issue is not a faithful believer in this current of thought, however there is a branch of psychology such as cognitive psychology that clings to duality with the intention of making people not lose their faith in the belief of religion or any other belief that helps them to be motivated.


This motivation can make that psychology can treat certain evils like psychosomatic disorders and all those problems of mental health, this would be a minimum relation existing between the duality of thought and psychology, since most of the experts in psychology and the diverse psychological branches prefer to see the mind and the brain as a single entity and that everything is connected so that the human being can think, act, feel emotions and express a behavior according to the own criteria of each individual.

How do you see duality in psychology?

Your opinion is very valuable to me, until the next issue where I will share more content of your interest.

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Hello @carlos84
This is a complex subject, and of course, it depends to a great extent on the basic knowledge they might have of psychology as such.
The mind, for me, is in the brain. It has been proven through different imaging studies that the brain reacts to certain thoughts and emotions in a specific way.
Now, how we control our emotions and our mind is largely a personal decision.

Personally I also believe that the mind is linked to the physical, in this case the brain, and the control of emotions will depend on the criteria with which we put all this into use. Greetings my dear friend and thank you for sharing such a valuable commentary.

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Wow. good friend point where the mind is the one who in some way governs any of our actions.
It is true we cannot touch the mind, much less the brain, but if we can know what is being thought and we can feel the reactions, both complement each other.

@tipu cuare 2

The mind does not exist physically, however we can associate it to our brain, and from there come the thoughts, emotions and all the impulses that make us know the importance of life itself, greetings my dear friend and thank you for your valuable contribution with this commentary.

It is interesting how the mind is able to make people live in a paradise or take them to live the darkest hell, certainly when the mind is separated from the body people live very suffering lives, meditation as a tool is able to unite the mind with the body and make the duality have the most healthy balance, so that the person lives a life in peace

hi dear friend @carlos84
I really liked the subject, that world of psychology seems very interesting, always giving answers to questions, for me most of those answers are spiritual but psychology is something scientific

Hello friend, an interesting topic, psychology is interesting, our emotions are fundamental in our life, we can have control over them we just have to work on it. The mind is great, and I think it's all part of a balance. Greetings!

Well, this is a complex issue, I don't think I can go into psychological details, but I don't think there can be a separation of mind and brain, even though it is true that the mind is something immaterial, its nature is not separated from the brain, and it will exist as long as the other exists.

Psychology helps us better understand what is going on in our mind. Duality educates us (from my point of view), to develop better points of view and to have a better vision of any scenario.

Greetings dear friend @carlos84.

As usual an impeccable delivery that you share with us on this occasion, I think that when we achieve an adequate balance or approach it, between mind and body, we can see how we can grow as a person in any aspect of our lives.

I really enjoyed your content as it allows us to remember the importance we should always have between our mind and our physical entity.

Thank you for sharing such wonderful content, successes.