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Hello friends.

How many times have we been unfamiliar with the idea of asking for something other than what we want with the intention of having the other person execute what we really want? This behavior is what is called reverse psychology, and perhaps many of us have applied it when we want our children to do what we want.

However, the application of this type of behavior is not something that always applies, and it is very important to know for which specific cases it applies and also to be able to know the favorable or negative impact that this can cause.

Another aspect of relevance is that we all know that every time we get someone to do what we want but requesting the opposite, it is because we are most likely applying reverse psychology and we do not realize it, this aspect becomes binding because some people and depending on their age become somewhat rebellious, and trying to take the opposite end up doing what we want.

When we want something many times we can not achieve it because it depends on the action of another person, but we can really lead this person to think about the fact that executing our hidden desires are not doing what we want, really is a psychological game that will depend on how you think the execution of the idea whose principle is reverse psychology.


In order to interpret whether this method can really serve to achieve our goals, I think that it does, since with reverse psychology the person ends up doing the opposite of what is asked of him, and this in turn makes the final unwanted execution our hidden desire.

Naturally it is a method that can be applied since originally we humans tend to act in a rebellious way when we feel threatened by our individual freedom, then we end up acting under a set of emotions whose objective is to end up rejecting the commands that come from another person, however we fall into the game of ending up doing what the other person wanted.

Under this psychology multiple objectives can be achieved, however life is boomerang and sooner or later we ourselves can also fall into the game of reverse psychology.



Greetings dear friend @carlos84.

As usual you share with us another extraordinary content and the same related to the one known and applied in many occasions by all of us, the reverse psychology, in fact in many occasions we apply it ourselves but in other occasions they don't apply it, the truth is that we can say that it is a very implemented tactic of persuasion nowadays.

I really enjoyed reading your article, dear friend, successes.

hi dear @carlos84
I always apply reverse psychology with my mom, but sometimes it doesn't work out for me, I apply it with meals and it almost always works out, it's an interesting and risky method

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Greetings friend. Without a doubt this is the most used form of persecution, precisely because nobody likes to be told what to do and sometimes we do the opposite, I think especially when we are very young.

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