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in Project HOPE2 years ago

Thank you for your always supportive feedback @achim03

Im not sure if you remember, but you are the one who shared idea of using beneficiary within our publications. During my visit in Switzerland you've told me that this is posible. And right there, this very moment I started seeing new possibilities :)

Your input and your knowledge has enormous value for me buddy :) Sometimes I wish I could simply download everything you knew :)

In addition to that it is a very dynamic project that has the potential to become a real business for a lot of people.

Let me tell you a bit about our next step (something that is still on progress). We've teamed up with developers behind @holybread and our entire core team supported them lately with their game beta testing. It's a game build on steem blockchain and I really believe that this one may attract many users.

We're waiting for their ref-link program to be explained in details and most likely all 6 of us will focus our efforts for next several weeks on promoting this game aend all profits would be going to project.hope fund.

This way we do not need to be 'hired' to market some product. We may be able to do it ourselfs - without any "boss". And our paycheck will depend on results of our work.

How does it sound? :)