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Greetings to all the members that are part of the Hive community, my name is Daniel Velasquez, I am 37 years old and I am from Venezuela, it is a country located in the north of South America, I studied electronic engineering at the Polytechnic University "Antonio Jose de Sucre" Unexpo, I am dedicated to the area of ​​technology and I practice independently offering my services in the area, one of the many things I like to do and I am also a musician. Currently my country is going through a strong political, economic and social crisis in which many of us who live in the country have been affected by the mismanagement of a government that has not wanted to let go of power in the last 20 years and has In charge of ending practically everything, which is why many of the Venezuelans have had to emigrate to other countries, I try to earn my daily living with my work and I came to this platform thanks to my French friend Christophe Parrot (God bless you Chris) who invited me to be part from the global Hive community. I hope I can help many with the posts that I may publish regarding blockchain technology and that it is of great interest to everyone. I encourage many to learn about Acorns and Telos through the following website



Welcome danigorfest!
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Welcome to PH. :)

@danigorfest and I are both recipient of the ACORN Telo UBI
Welcome Daniel