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RE: Algorand is called a Byzantine Agreement Protocol on steroids. Why?

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At first sight, I thought, "oh no, just another cryptocurrency claiming it is the best". At second sight I checked Algo on Coinmarketcap and it is on place 41, with 136 MUSD capitalization. So, the market gives it a decent value. (Steem is number 68, Hive, 246.) Good luck!

Sounds funny in Spanish, since "algo" means "something" or "a little". ¿Vale algo Algo? Sí, algo. - Is Algo something worth? Yes, a little.

(And rand is the currency of South Africa)


I didn't know about the translates, yes it's funny then 🙂.
About Algorand, it seems they really solved the blockchain trilemma, or at least they will once they will get rid of most of their tokens - at this moment they still have too much of them. But it is a process, they don't want to sell them at once (to one investor who would have a majority then). And Silvio Micali as a Turing Award owner is so promising to me!