Forsage smart contract,your gateway to financial freedom

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If you have not gotten an idea on how to become financially free, forsage smart contract provides you the opportunity , take the risk , invest now into Forsage Smart Contract and thank me later .

Forsage smart crypto earnings program gives you the advantage of working from home at your own leisure, its less stressful , it also helps you to accumulate much etherium in
a short period of time

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  • What forsage is all about:

Forsage is smart contract and It's
about investing your money into the fastest growing crypto currency in the
world and With a one time
Investment of 0.068 eth.... That's 8k, You're on your way to financial
freedom .

Forsage helps you to accumulate much etherium in a short period of time , this is because by December
, 1eth will be over 500k.... So imagine if you have like 10etherium before
then, It means by December you'll
be 1million naira richer, Even though
you just started with 8k , you're at no loss .

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*How you can make it happen:

       You    will   have   to    choose    from    this  ;  
  1. Leave it there to appreciate over
    few months

  2. Open more slots to earn more
    etherium (this involves money) but you'll earn more

  3. Refer people... this involves time and commitment, but your money will Overflow

Choose any of the 3 or Combine any 2

A friend of mine combined 2 and 3 , its your choice but choose wisely smiles........

  • People tends to ask what their work really is in making their earnings appreciate over months without refferals ;

You'll have to do absolutely nothing,
Just wait and watch your money
grow into hundreds of thousands , But you need patience here . The good news is that , its a life time opportunity ..

  • Some other persons tends to ask how they (forsage) make their own money..smiles.......:

It will interest us to know that Nobody owns Forsage and nobody
owns Etherium , It's you investing in world economy and getting the
return as soon as possible.


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Ooohh wow!! Im happy for the progress,thank you so much

You're welcome again @dlioness👍 Great job!

Smiles.....thank you very much

👍🙂Our pleasure

Hello friends,hope we all are good .Incase anyone needs to register on forsage ,please DM me or chat me up @dlioness,i will help set it up for you or you need any further question,please dont hesitate to ask ok.thank you

It sounds like a ponzi scheme to me.

@defi.campus hahaha, its not a ponzi scheme i must say,althoug i have not engaged much into it but those who have been into it are really testifying.

Forsage is a branch of ETH ,a small portion of it. One ETH is over hundred thousand, so forsage is the bit of ETH. if one doesn't
have money for one full ETH, he or she can buy a percentage of it..

Forsage is a smart contract,while etherium is a crypto currency... That's forsage

So from my findings i can really say its not a ponzi scheme dear.