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RE: #ProjectHope, a great Multidisciplinary team

Hey @lanzjoseg!

I've just shared this wonderful article to twitter... my alt account on twitter because my primary got hit with dmca copyright complains out of bad fate I assume. This shows what is wrong with all centralized social media platforms. Bot's reacting to "reports" and a platform being willingly obedient to regulative stuff, in this case mostly coming from the EU, in anticipatory obedience.


However, enough of that! Of course I upvoted (well tbh I'm all over the project.hope curation trail via steemauto...) and I've resteemed this article here!

Brilliant team you have there and gawd such a wonderful project!



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[email protected]

Thanks friend for posting my post on twitter.
Also thank you very much for stopping by and leaving these words of encouragement, and for all the support you give us to our project.

It is a great honor that you visit my publication.


Hi @lanzjoseg,

it's my pleasure Sir! I enjoy the publication in this group very much!


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Hello Friend @doifeellucky.

Did you meet our puppy pet?
Curiously, I met you for a post about your pet. I never imagined at that time that you also wrote about the main themes of our community.

I thank the destination that you accepted my invitation at that time, because now you are one of the few members that participates in all phases of the project. You are a delegator, writer, trailer and over all: good friend.


Awe Juan!

Hugs back my friend! I really love what you guys are doing here! It gives me hope, how fitting for @project.hope, that you can do wonderful things on this great #steem ecosystem!


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Thanks Man!