Hope for a world in trouble.

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What happened this last year has been an overwhelming, distressing and very sad experience, this to use some terms that perhaps partially describe what we have experienced worldwide, people around the world live episodes of unprecedented fear.



I think there is a popular clamor for there to be good news, for positive results to be presented and for all this to end, the anxiety is so great that people pray for everything to end, for example in Rome they protest for the right not to wear a mask, if it exists a mechanism to measure people's prayers I think these days would record prayer records every day.

People pray to what they believe Jesus, Buddha, Hala and any supernatural entity that can help to get out of all this.

Encouraging results with the Russian vaccine.

In the midst of this undesirable situation, a study published in The Lancet ensures that according to preliminary tests the Russian Vaccine develops an immune response without serious undesirable effects that pose a threat to those who apply it.

While they say that larger studies are still needed to determine its effectiveness, these preliminary studies seem to bring hope to that population that cries for everything to end soon.

Sputnik V is already in its last phase of clinical studies and despite the fact that the WHO advises to follow all the protocols required to present a safe vaccine, the Russian government does not seem to intend to wait for the results of the larger clinical trials, but rather they plan to homologate the vaccine in September.

In phase 3 the vaccine will be tested in 40,000 people of different ages to verify its effectiveness and especially its safety.



Can we trust these vaccines?

WHO recently predicted that we will not have a vaccine until mid-2021, although it is optimistic about the results of different clinical trials with different vaccines.

So far, 176 vaccine projects are underway according to the WHO, of which 34 are in the clinical trial stage.

Although the results of the vaccines are encouraging, it is said that tests in a larger population and with more time are necessary to determine the safety of these vaccines.

For my part, I am very optimistic about all this, not only because I have overcome the experience of the virus, but also because like many of you I am one of those who constantly Pray for positive results with vaccines.

Friend thanks for being here, let me know your opinion about it.

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How about french researchers that nicotine can block covid-19 I think nicotine should be tested as the treatment for covid patient so we can say that nicotine works or not. As we know that is only debate that nicotine not work. Proove that nicotine not work or work . If nicotine works for treating covid-19 that will be huge lost for vaccine creators ( That is a big conspiration ever from pharmacists)

Greetings friend @fucho just like you I have a lot of faith and hope that everything will soon pass with God's favor.

Although I have little confidence in some organisms that seem to be in the best interest of maintaining this situation for a long time, I hope that those who work with the vaccine will accelerate the processes that are necessary.

I also have a lot of faith that this virus will diminish its brutal effect, see you later my friend, I hope you feel well, have an excellent Sunday!

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Greetings esteemed @fucho. As you pray and I hope that all this situation passes soon. Although I am one of those who think that this race for the development of the vaccine has a lot of political interest, I hope that this is not the case, and that we really will soon have a solution to this evil and that it can be fairly distributed.

we all want the world to go back to normal and that we can continue with the activities we were used to, It is strong but I think the same plan I needed to rest from so much contamination and so much damage that we are doing I am convinced that this entire process leads to a positive evolution.