A Winner Without Winning Statera Project Writing Contest

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I participated in the writing contest of Statera about two week ago.

I got to find out about Statera after reading the contest post as well as the videoclip in the contest post.

I actually decided to invest and I bought Statera more than once for the past two weeks.


I must say that the price of Statera has gone up since my first purchase and I personally feel that there is a potential in this project.

The contest result has not been decided or announced yet but I am already a winner as the price of Statera has gone up so those who have invested have made a nice profit.

I personally feel that there is so much room for this project to grow so I am hodling what I have purchased.

One of the easiest ways to buy Statera is through Hoo Exchange since I am trying to avoid the expensive gas fee of ETH.

Congrats to all those who did make an investment in purchasing Statera because of reading about it while preparing for the contest.


Nice to know you made a good buy and now in the profit

You are welcome

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Good to see your research led investment made you make a profit
Good luck for the contest. Not sure if the results are out by now

The gas fee is abnormal now. I'm using CEXs only.