My Project.hope Post Review (Episode 23)

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my 23rd Episode of my project hope review, the essence of this post is to select three post which caught the attention of the writer. The write is meant to leave comments on the post they selected, thereby improving communication on a post.


@project.hope has been a community for user who share the same vision and interest in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, robotics, solar energy, automatization, virtual reality, economy, psychology and augmented reality.

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Let's kick the ball rolling.

Top Three Project hope Posts.

Image from @frederickbangs post.

No 1 The High Luxury Brand Called Apple - @frederickbangs

Apple is now a household name and a lot of people wait patiently for the next release, so if you want to know about Apple and its brand, you should read this post.


image from @ajewa post

No 2. Disasters and its relation to the economy of countries - @ajewa

The economy of countries is determined by a lot of things including disasters from political, natural and other forms of disasters. This affects the economy of countries as it affects the way money exchanges hands, and the rate if spending.

You should read the post and give your opinions and thoughts.


Image from @fucho80 post*

No 3 How to deal with a lack of inspiration? - @fucho80

This post explains a personal experience about lacking inspiration to write posts. If you are having issues with inspiration about writing then read this post.

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Many congratulations to the people enlisted in top 3 posts :)

You have got a nice choice to select posts :)
I read them and they are beautiful.
Thanks for sharing :)